Original Name カンゴーム
Romaji Name Cairngorm
Nicknames None
Series Houseki no Kuni
Age Unknown
Weight Unknown
Height Unknown
Date of Birth Unknown
Blood Type Unknown

Cairngorm from “Houseki no Kuni”: A Character Analysis

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Cairngorm, also known as “Cairn,” is a complex character with a multi-layered personality. Initially described by Ghost Quartz as rude, violent, and selfish, Cairngorm has a tough and stern demeanor. They can be harsh with others, as seen in their interactions with Phosphophyllite. Over time, however, Cairngorms soften their personalities, especially toward Phos, and become more protective of them. Despite their initial shortcomings, Cairngorm show moments of kindness and gentleness, demonstrating their ability to grow and change.


Cairngorm was once the inner shell of Ghost Quartz, giving them a unique multilayered structure and two distinct personalities. After Ghost Quartz was taken to the moon, Cairngorm took over as an active presence. Her background is intertwined with her relationship to Ghost Quartz and the events that unfold in the series. The loss of Ghost Quartz and her subsequent experiences shape Cairngorm’s development and influence her actions throughout the story.


Cairngorm’s appearance is characteristic of the gems in the world of Houseki no Kuni. They have a gem body with a translucent and reflective structure. In terms of color, Cairngorms have a pale yellow hue, similar to the gemstone for which they are named. Their design has a sense of elegance and fragility that contrasts with their initially abrasive personality.


As a gem, the Cairngorm possesses unique abilities inherent to its gemstone composition. While specific details of their abilities are not given, Gems in “Houseki no Kuni” typically possess superhuman strength, durability, and the ability to regenerate. Gems can also project weapons and use them in battle. Cairngorm’s abilities, like those of other gems, contribute to their role and importance in the story.


Cairngorm originated in the world of Houseki no Kuni, a universe where humanoid Gems coexist and face various challenges. Their existence is tied to the gems they embody, which are imbued with life and consciousness. Cairngorm’s creation and purpose, much like that of the other Gems, derive from the mystical processes that take place within this fictional realm. The intricacies of their origin are explored within the context of the overarching narrative of the story.

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Cairngorm – FAQ

What is Cairngorm in “Houseki no Kuni”?

Cairngorm is a character in the anime and manga series “Houseki no Kuni”, also known as “Land of the Shining”. Cairngorm is a beautiful and enigmatic gem known as a “Lunarian” that plays an important role in the story.

What are Cairngorm’s abilities and traits?

Cairngorms have exceptional combat abilities and are one of the most powerful gems in the series. It has the ability to create and control various weapons made of crystalline material. Cairngorms are characterized by long, silver hair and striking yellow eyes.

What is Cairngorm’s role in the story?

Cairngorm serves as one of the main characters in Houseki no Kuni. You start out as a member of the Moon People, who invade Earth in search of gems. Throughout the series, Cairngorm undergoes significant character development and plays a pivotal role in the conflict between the Moon People and the Earth Gems.

How does Cairngorm’s personality develop throughout the series?

At the beginning of the series, Cairngorm is portrayed as selfish and easily swayed by the influence of others. However, as the story progresses, she experiences personal growth and develops a more complex and multifaceted personality. Cairngorm’s journey includes moments of introspection, self-discovery, and redemption.

Are there any significant relationships in which Cairngorm is involved?

One of the most notable relationships involving Cairngorm is her complicated dynamic with the protagonist, Phosphophyllite. Cairngorm’s interactions with Phosphophyllite are central to the story and contribute to her character development. Cairngorm also forms relationships with other Gems, both Lunar and Earth.

Does Cairngorm have any notable story arcs?

Cairngorm’s character undergoes several significant arcs throughout the course of Houseki no Kuni. These arcs explore her internal struggles, her relationships with other characters, and her role in the overarching conflict between the Moon People and the Earth Gems. Cairngorm’s arcs contribute to the overall narrative and themes of the series.