Hikaru Hoshina

Original Name (Japanese): 星奈ひかる
Romaji Name: Hoshina Hikaru
Nicknames: Cure Star
Series: Hug tto! Precure, Star☆Twinkle Precure
Age: 12 (Hug tto! Precure), 14 (Star☆Twinkle Precure)
Weight: Not specified
Height: Not specified
Date of Birth: Not specified
Blood Type: Not specified


Hikaru Hoshina is a curious and imaginative sophomore with a deep fascination with space and constellations. She is described as stubborn and likes to investigate anything that piques her interest. Hikaru is also the group leader of the Star☆Twinkle Precure team.


Hikaru comes from a close-knit family, the daughter of a fashion designer mother and an astronaut father. Her love of space and astronomy was probably influenced by her father’s career.

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Hikaru has long pink hair that she wears in twin tails. She has blue eyes and a youthful, energetic appearance. As Cure Star, her Precure form, she wears a pink and white costume with a star-shaped brooch.


As Cure Star, Hikaru has the ability to manipulate the power of the stars. She can fire star-shaped bursts of energy and create dazzling displays of light. Hikaru is also a skilled problem solver and leader, guiding her team of Precure warriors.


Hikaru made her debut in the 2019 anime series Star☆Twinkle Precure, where she joins forces with four other Precure warriors to protect the universe from the evil organization Darknest. She is a central protagonist throughout the series and the Precure Miracle Universe movie.

Hikaru Hoshina – FAQ

Here are 6-8 FAQs about Hikaru Hoshina from “Hug tto! Precure”:

Who is Hikaru Hoshina?

Hikaru Hoshina is the main character of the “Hug tto! Precure” anime series. She is a cheerful and energetic middle school student who transforms into the Cure Star Precure.

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What are Hikaru’s powers as a Cure Star?

As Cure Star, Hikaru has the power to manipulate the stars and celestial energy. She can fire star-shaped energy blasts, create glowing barriers, and even levitate and fly using the power of the stars. Her main attack is the “Star Punch”.

What is Hikaru’s role in the “Hug tto! Precure” story?

Hikaru is chosen by Fuwa, a mysterious fairy-like creature, to become the Cure Star Precure. Together with her friends Saaya, Homare and the other Precure warriors, Hikaru fights to protect the future and spread the power of love and hope.

What is Hikaru’s personality like?

Hikaru is described as a very positive, energetic and optimistic girl. She is passionate about her dream of becoming a pastry chef and loves spending time with her friends. Hikaru is also very determined and brave in her role as a Precure.

What is Hikaru’s background?

Hikaru lives with her parents and her younger sister Lala. She attends Nichijo Middle School and is a member of the Baking Club. Hikaru is inspired by her grandmother’s passion for baking and hopes to open her own pastry shop one day.

How does Hikaru become a Cure Star?

When Hikaru faces a threat, she raises her PreHeart transformation item and shouts “Pretty Cure Kira Kira Day!” to initiate her transformation. This summons the power of the stars to envelop her in a magical costume and give her the powers of the Cure Star.