Claire Harvey

Japanese Name クレア・ハーヴェイ
Romaji Name Kurea Hāvei
Nicknames Queen
Series Hundred
Age Not specified
Weight Not specified
Height Not specified
Date of Birth Not specified
Blood Type Not specified


Claire Harvey, also known as “Queen”, is a character from the anime series “Hundred”. She is portrayed as a strong and determined individual with a regal and commanding presence. Claire is considered the highest ranking slayer in Little Garden and is from the United States of Liberia. She is known for her confidence and unwavering determination in battle.

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Not much information is given about Claire Harvey’s background in the Hundred anime series. However, it is revealed that she is a skilled hunter and holds a prominent position within the Little Garden community. Her reputation as a queen suggests that she has achieved great success and recognition for her fighting skills.


Claire Harvey is portrayed as a striking and beautiful young woman. She has long, blonde hair tied in twintails and captivating blue eyes. Her appearance exudes elegance and grace, complemented by her voluptuous figure. Claire is often seen wearing the Little Garden uniform, which adds to her regal presence.


In battle, Claire Harvey displays formidable fighting skills. Her Hundred, a type of weapon used by Slayers in the series, takes the form of a Dragoon-type. It has the ability to transform into a large, powerful rifle or use multiple cannons. This versatile weapon allows her to engage enemies from a variety of distances and unleash devastating attacks. However, the transformation and extensive use of her Hundred can severely drain her energy.


Claire Harvey comes from the United States of Liberia, as mentioned in the anime series “Hundred”. Her exact background and how she became involved in the world of the Slayers is never revealed. As one of the highest ranking Slayers in Little Garden, Claire’s origins and journey to her current position as Queen are left to the audience’s imagination.

Claire Harvey – FAQ

Who is Claire Harvey in “Hundred”?

Claire Harvey is a central character in the anime and light novel series “Hundred”. She is one of the main protagonists and plays a significant role throughout the story.

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What is Claire Harvey’s role in the story?

Claire Harvey is a talented and powerful hunter in the Hundred universe. Slayers are individuals who possess unique abilities and are tasked with defending humanity from mysterious creatures known as Savages.

What are Claire Harvey’s abilities?

Claire Harvey is a highly skilled slayer who wields a powerful and rare weapon called the “Vlad”. She possesses immense physical strength, agility, and speed, making her a formidable fighter. She also has the ability to manipulate flame and create devastating fire-based attacks.

What is Claire Harvey’s personality like?

Claire Harvey is known for her strong-willed and determined personality. She is fiercely loyal to her friends and allies and will do whatever it takes to protect them. Claire is often portrayed as serious and focused, but she also shows a caring and compassionate side, especially towards her close companions.

What is Claire Harvey’s background?

Before becoming a Slayer, Claire Harvey had a tragic past. Her family was killed by savages, which fueled her desire to become a powerful warrior and eradicate these creatures. She underwent intense training and eventually joined the Little Garden Academy, where she honed her skills and became one of the top slayers.

Does Claire Harvey have a romantic relationship?

In “Hundred”, Claire Harvey develops a close relationship with the protagonist, Hayato Kisaragi. While their relationship begins as a rivalry, it gradually evolves into a deep friendship and later develops romantic undertones. Their connection and interactions play a significant role in the overall narrative of the series.