Hideo Suzuki

Japanese Name 鈴木 英雄
Romaji Name Hideo Suzuki
Nicknames Hanakuso Ringo (花臭りんご)
Series I Am a Hero
Age N/A (varies throughout the series)
Weight N/A (not specified)
Height N/A (not specified)
Date of Birth N/A (not specified)
Blood Type N/A (not specified)

Hideo Suzuki – The protagonist of “I Am a Hero

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Hideo Suzuki, the protagonist of the “I Am a Hero” manga series, has a complex and fascinating personality. At first, Hideo seems shy and insecure, often struggling with anxiety and delusions. However, he occasionally experiences moments of confidence. Despite his personal challenges, Hideo demonstrates a strong sense of seriousness when it comes to upholding the law. He is particularly protective of his possession, a shotgun, for which he holds a license. Hideo’s character evolves throughout the story as he faces the horrors of a zombie outbreak.


Before the outbreak, Hideo Suzuki was a struggling mangaka (manga artist) who was disappointed when his own series was canceled due to poor sales. As a result, he found work as an assistant to make ends meet. Hideo’s experiences as an artist and subsequent setbacks help to shape his character and outlook on life. These experiences also provide him with a unique lens through which to view the chaos and dangers of the zombie-infested world.


In terms of appearance, Hideo Suzuki is portrayed as an average-looking individual. He has unkempt black hair and wears glasses. Hideo’s physical appearance reflects his initial state of vulnerability and insecurity. However, as the story progresses, his appearance becomes more rugged and battle-worn, reflecting the challenges he faces in the post-apocalyptic world.


While Hideo does not possess any extraordinary supernatural abilities, his resourcefulness and determination allow him to navigate the dangers of the zombie-infested world. His artistic background and attention to detail often come into play, allowing him to strategize and plan his actions. Additionally, his possession of a shotgun and knowledge of how to use it effectively serves as a defense against the undead threats.


Hideo Suzuki originated in the creative mind of Kengo Hanazawa, the mangaka behind the “I Am a Hero” series. Hanazawa created Hideo’s character to embody the struggles and resilience of an ordinary individual thrust into extraordinary circumstances. Through Hideo’s perspective, Hanazawa explores themes of fear, survival, and the human psyche in the face of a zombie apocalypse.
As the story progresses, Hideo Suzuki’s character development becomes an integral part of the narrative, showing his growth from a shy artist to a survivor fighting against the odds. The journey of Hideo Suzuki in “I Am a Hero” will captivate readers and offers a unique take on the zombie genre, blending action, horror, and introspection into a compelling narrative.

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Hideo Suzuki – FAQ

Who is Hideo Suzuki?

Hideo Suzuki is the protagonist of the manga series “I Am a Hero”. He is an aspiring manga artist who works as an assistant to other artists while dreaming of creating his own successful manga. Hideo is portrayed as an ordinary and somewhat socially awkward individual.

What is Hideo Suzuki’s role in the story?

Hideo Suzuki’s role in the story is that of the main character and protagonist. The story revolves around his experiences and struggles as he navigates a world overrun by zombies. He becomes a reluctant hero, trying to survive and protect himself and others from the undead.

What are Hideo Suzuki’s characteristics?

Hideo Suzuki is characterized as an introverted, insecure, and somewhat eccentric individual. He often doubts himself and feels inadequate compared to others. However, he has a strong will and determination to survive in the face of danger. Throughout the story, Hideo’s character evolves and changes as he faces the horrors of the zombie apocalypse.

Does Hideo Suzuki have any special skills?

No, Hideo Suzuki does not have any special abilities in the traditional sense. He is an ordinary person who finds himself in extraordinary circumstances. However, he demonstrates resourcefulness, intelligence, and adaptability in his efforts to outwit and overcome the zombie hordes.

What challenges will Hideo Suzuki face?

Hideo Suzuki faces many challenges throughout the story. These include the physical threat of the zombies, the psychological toll of witnessing the collapse of society, and the emotional toll of losing loved ones. In addition, he grapples with his own insecurities and struggles to maintain his sanity and identity amidst the chaos.

Does Hideo Suzuki go through character development?

Yes, Hideo Suzuki undergoes significant character development throughout the series. Initially portrayed as a somewhat aimless and underachieving individual, he gradually transforms into a more confident and capable survivor. The challenges he faces force him to face his fears, take responsibility, and discover his inner strength.

What is Hideo Suzuki’s ultimate goal?

Hideo Suzuki’s ultimate goal is to survive the zombie apocalypse and find a way to restore normalcy to the world. As the story progresses, he also seeks to protect and save other survivors, transcending his initial self-centered motivations. His journey is driven by a desire for redemption and a need to find meaning in a world that has descended into chaos.