Kuro Fukase

Original Name (Japanese): 深瀬 クロ
Romaji Name: Fukase Kuro
Nicknames: None
Series: ib: Instant Bullet
Age: Unknown
Weight: Unknown
Height: Unknown
Date of Birth: Unknown
Blood Type: Unknown


Kuro Fukase is described as a very pessimistic person with no friends, who wishes that the world would just be destroyed. He is portrayed as someone who has a bleak outlook on life and wishes for the world to end.


Kuro never knew his mother, as she left shortly after he was born. His father visited only once a year and died of stress when Kuro was in fourth grade, apparently leading a double life with another family. Kuro’s paternal grandmother was the one who raised him, but as she began to suffer from dementia, she even forgot Kuro’s name. The only people Kuro could call family were the sisters who lived next door, Toiro and Iroha. When Iroha fell into a coma and Toiro died, Kuro started hallucinating about them, and he still visits Iroha even though it’s been 6 years. Kuro’s desire to destroy the world is said to be caused by Toiro’s last words and her despair.

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Kuro Fukase’s appearance is not described in detail in the sources.


Kuro Fukase has the ability to materialize his pessimistic thoughts and turn them into a creature called the “Beast”, which will obey his orders as long as they are destructive and not complicated. Anything the Beast eats disappears into thin air.


Kuro Fukase is the protagonist of the “ib” series: Instant Bullet

Kuro Fukase – FAQ

Here are 6-8 FAQs about Kuro Fukase from “ib: Instant Bullet”:

Who is Kuro Fukase?

Kuro Fukase is one of the main characters of the manga series “ib: Instant Bullet” manga series. He is a mysterious and powerful esper who has the ability to instantly kill anyone he looks at. Fukase is a loner who tends to keep to himself, but he is drawn into the supernatural events and conflicts that unfold throughout the story.

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What are Kuro Fukase’s powers?

Fukase’s primary ability is his “instant death” power, which allows him to kill anyone he makes eye contact with. This power is extremely dangerous and uncontrollable, often activating involuntarily when Fukase is stressed or emotional. He also has increased strength, speed, and endurance compared to normal humans.

What is Kuro Fukase’s background?

Fukase’s background is shrouded in mystery, but it’s implied that he was involved with a secret government organization that experimented on espers like himself. He seems to have a traumatic past and is haunted by the loss of someone close to him. Exactly how and why he developed his deadly powers is not fully explored.

How does Kuro Fukase’s power affect his relationships?

Fukase’s inability to control his powers makes it extremely difficult for him to form close relationships with others. He isolates himself to avoid the possibility of accidentally killing someone. This leads to a lot of inner turmoil and loneliness for Fukase, as he wishes he could be more open with people, but is afraid of the consequences.

What role does Kuro Fukase play in the overall story?

As a powerful esper, Fukase eventually becomes involved in the larger supernatural conflicts and conspiracies that drive the plot of “ib: Instant Bullet”. He is at times an uneasy ally of the other main characters, helping them but also pursuing his own mysterious agenda. Fukase’s decisions and actions have a major impact on the outcome of events.

How does Kuro Fukase’s character develop over the course of the story?

Over the course of the series, Fukase undergoes significant character development. He slowly opens up and forms tentative relationships with the other characters, while wrestling with the morality of his powers and his role in the unfolding events. Fukase’s growth is gradual but powerful as he learns to better understand and accept himself.