Junpei Manaka

Japanese Name 真中淳平
Romaji Name Manaka Junpei
Nicknames N/A
Series Ichigo 100%
Age Varies throughout the series
Weight Varies throughout the series
Height Varies throughout the series
Date of Birth Varies throughout the series
Blood Type Varies throughout the series


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The protagonist of “Ichigo 100%”.


Junpei Manaka, the main character of the anime and manga series “Ichigo 100%”, is portrayed as an overall nice guy with a kind and gentle nature. Despite being an average student, Junpei has a great talent for cinematography, an art form he wants to pursue as a director. While his thoughts about girls can be perverted at times, his genuine kindness and selflessness make him attractive to others. Junpei often finds himself in embarrassing yet endearing romantic situations, adding a touch of humor to his character.


Junpei Manaka is a middle school student who later attends high school in the series. His background is not extensively explored, but he is portrayed as an ordinary teenager with a passion for filmmaking. Junpei’s dream of becoming a director drives much of the plot as he navigates his romantic relationships while pursuing his artistic aspirations.


In terms of appearance, Junpei Manaka is portrayed as an average-looking teenage boy. He has short, dark hair and brown eyes. Junpei’s clothing typically consists of a school uniform or casual clothes, reflecting his ordinary and relatable nature.


Junpei’s main talent is cinematography. Though not academically gifted, he has a natural eye for capturing visually compelling scenes and moments on film. Throughout the series, Junpei’s skills in this area develop and improve, reflecting his growth as a character and his dedication to his craft.

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Junpei Manaka originates from the manga series “Ichigo 100%” created by Mizuki Kawashita. The manga was serialized from 2002 to 2005 and later adapted into an anime series in 2005. Junpei’s character serves as the central focus of the story, and his journey through love, adolescence, and the pursuit of his dreams forms the core narrative of “Ichigo 100%”.
Please note that the information provided is based on the character’s portrayal in the “Ichigo 100%” series and may contain spoilers for those who have not read or watched the series.

Junpei Manaka – FAQ

Who is Junpei Manaka in “Ichigo 100%”?

Junpei Manaka is the protagonist of the manga and anime series “Ichigo 100%”. He is a high school student who aspires to be a filmmaker and has a passion for movies.

What are Junpei Manaka’s main characteristics?

Junpei is known for his determination, creativity, and artistic talent. He is hardworking and dedicated to pursuing his dream of becoming a filmmaker. He is also kind-hearted and often finds himself in various romantic situations throughout the story.

What is Junpei’s relationship to the other characters in “Ichigo 100%”?

Junpei’s relationships with the other characters are at the heart of the story. He forms close friendships with the four main female characters: Aya Toujo, Tsukasa Nishino, Satsuki Kitaoji and Risa Kamizaki, each with their own unique dynamic and romantic tension. The story revolves around the intricacies of Junpei’s relationships with these girls.

What are Junpei’s hopes and goals in the series?

Junpei’s main goal is to become a successful filmmaker. He is passionate about movies and wants to create his own movies. Throughout the series, he faces various challenges and works hard to improve his skills and make his dreams come true.

Does Junpei have a romantic interest in “Ichigo 100%”?

Yes, Junpei has romantic feelings for several characters in the series. His relationships with Aya, Tsukasa, Satsuki, and Risa all involve romantic developments, and the story delves into the complexity of his feelings and the choices he must make regarding his love life.

What are some notable moments or events involving Junpei in “Ichigo 100%”?

Junpei’s journey in “Ichigo 100%” is filled with memorable moments. Some notable events include his encounters with the four main female characters, his struggles to balance his relationships and personal goals, and his growth as a filmmaker. The series explores his experiences in high school and the challenges he faces in navigating love, friendship, and his dreams.