Akihito Narihisago

Original Name 鳴瓢 秋人
Romaji Name Narihisago Akihito
Nicknames Sakaido
Series Id:Invaded
Age (Age information not available)
Weight (Weight information not available)
Height (Height information not available)
Date of Birth (Date of Birth information not available)
Blood Type (Blood Type information not available)


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The enigmatic detective of “Id:Invaded”.


Akihito Narihisago, also known as Sakaido, is the main protagonist of the anime series “Id:Invaded”. He has a complex and enigmatic personality that adds depth to his character. Akihito is portrayed as a highly intelligent and analytical individual, characterized by his sharp deductive reasoning and problem-solving skills. He demonstrates an unwavering determination to uncover the truth behind Kaeru’s murder, which drives him to delve into the depths of the id wells, the minds of serial killers.
Despite his brilliance, Akihito carries a burden of guilt and remorse. He has a tragic past, having lost his own family in a horrific incident. This trauma serves as the driving force behind his relentless pursuit of justice. Akihito is driven by a sense of responsibility to ensure that others do not suffer the same fate as his loved ones.


Before becoming entangled in the world of Id Wells, Akihito Narihisago was a respected homicide detective. He worked alongside his colleagues, Kokuryu Matsuoka and Funetaro Momoki, in the 1st Investigation Division. However, his life took a dark turn when a devastating event occurred that resulted in the loss of his family. This tragedy shattered his world and led him down a path of darkness and despair.
Akihito’s quest for justice led him to become a participant in the Mizuhanome system, a revolutionary technology that allows individuals to enter the minds of criminals and explore their subconscious. It is within these id wells that Akihito takes the form of Sakaido, a brilliant detective who navigates the twisted minds of serial killers in search of answers.


Akihito Narihisago has a distinctive appearance that reflects his complex character. He is depicted as a tall and slender individual with disheveled black hair and piercing blue eyes. Akihito’s features exude a sense of determination and intensity, reflecting his relentless pursuit of truth and justice.
In his role as Sakaido, Akihito takes on a different appearance. Dressed in a formal suit, he presents himself as a sophisticated and professional detective. This stark contrast in appearance emphasizes the duality of his character and the transformation he undergoes when he enters the Well of Id.


Akihito Narihisago possesses a number of exceptional abilities that contribute to his effectiveness as a detective in the id wells. His keen intellect and analytical skills allow him to decipher the complex psychological landscapes of criminals’ minds. Akihito has a keen eye for detail and can connect seemingly unrelated clues to unravel the mysteries surrounding each case.
Furthermore, Akihito’s unwavering determination and resilience allow him to navigate the treacherous and often harrowing environments within the id wells. He confronts the darkest aspects of human nature and faces the manifestations of serial killers’ twisted fantasies head-on.

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Akihito Narihisago’s character originates from the anime series “Id:Invaded,” created by writer and director Ei Aoki. The show explores the concept of entering the minds of criminals to solve heinous crimes and uncover the truth behind them. Akihito’s character serves as the driving force behind the narrative as he seeks redemption for his past and closure for his personal tragedy.
The origins of Akihito’s name and backstory are specific to the Id:Invaded universe, and the anime provides a unique and immersive exploration of his character. Through his journey within the Id Wells, Akihito’s complex personality and growth are intricately woven into the overarching narrative, making him a compelling and memorable protagonist.

Akihito Narihisago – FAQ

Who is Akihito Narihisago?

Akihito Narihisago is the main character of the anime series “Id:Invaded”. He is a former detective who becomes a prisoner and is offered the chance to work as a “brilliant detective” within a virtual reality system known as Mizuhanome.

What is Akihito Narihisago’s role in the Mizuhanome system?

Within the Mizuhanome system, Akihito Narihisago takes on the role of a brilliant detective named “Sakaido”. He delves into the minds of serial killers and enters their subconscious worlds known as “id wells” to solve complex murder cases.

How does Akihito Narihisago possess detective skills?

Akihito Narihisago was a skilled detective in the real world before he became a prisoner. He possesses exceptional deductive reasoning, keen observation skills, and a deep understanding of criminal psychology, making him an invaluable asset within the Mizuhanome system.

What motivates Akihito Narihisago to solve murders within the id wells?

Akihito Narihisago is deeply motivated to solve murder cases within the id wells due to a personal tragedy. His daughter was brutally murdered by a notorious serial killer known as “The Challenger,” and his pursuit of justice for her death drives him to enter the minds of other killers and prevent further tragedies.

Does Akihito Narihisago face any challenges or conflicts?

Yes, Akihito Narihisago faces various challenges and conflicts throughout the series. He must deal with the dark and twisted minds of the serial killers within the Id Well, which can take a toll on his mental and emotional well-being. He also struggles with his own guilt and regret over his daughter’s death.

Does Akihito Narihisago have any allies or companions?

Yes, Akihito Narihisago has several allies and companions within the Mizuhanome system. These include other detectives who also dive into id wells, such as Hondomachi and Momoki. They work together to solve murders and uncover the truth behind the mysteries they encounter.