Original Name: カエル
Romaji Name: Kaeru
Nickname(s): Kiki Asukai
Series: Id:Invaded
Age: Unknown
Weight: Unknown
Height: Unknown
Date of Birth: Unknown
Blood Type: Unknown


Kaeru is a virtual character who appears in the killer’s mind to help Sakaido solve cases. She is described as direct and pragmatic, providing Sakaido with crucial information and insight to aid his investigations. Kaeru has a calm and collected demeanor, often guiding Sakaido through the complexities of the Id Well.


Kaeru is the representation of Kiki Asukai, one of the main characters in the Id:Invaded series. She exists within the id wells and serves as a manifestation of Kiki’s own psyche and experiences. Kaeru’s role is to provide support and guidance to Sakaido, the protagonist, as he delves into the minds of serial killers to uncover the truth.

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Kaeru takes the form of a young woman with long, dark hair and a calm expression. She often appears in a white dress and maintains a serene and ethereal presence in the id wells. Her appearance is in keeping with her role as a virtual guide and representation of Kiki’s inner self.


As a virtual character, Kaeru has the ability to navigate the complex and abstract landscapes of the id wells. She can provide Sakaido with crucial information and insight to aid in his investigations, drawing on her deep understanding of the human psyche and the nature of the id wells. Kaeru’s knowledge and intuition are invaluable assets in Sakaido’s quest to uncover the truth.


Kaeru’s origin is closely related to Kiki Asukai, the protagonist of Id:Invaded. She is a manifestation of Kiki’s own psyche, representing her inner experiences and knowledge. Kaeru’s existence within the Id Well is a reflection of Kiki’s role in the series, as she serves as a guide and support to the protagonist Sakaido in his pursuit of solving complex cases.

Kaeru – FAQ

Here are 6-8 FAQs about Kaeru from “Id:Invaded”:

Who is Kaeru?

Kaeru is a character from the anime series “Id:Invaded”. He is a young boy who has the ability to enter and explore the “id wells” or subconscious minds of other people. Kaeru is a key part of the investigative team working to solve the mystery at the heart of the series.

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What is Kaeru’s role in the story?

Kaeru’s unique ability to enter and navigate other people’s id wells makes him an invaluable asset to the investigators. He uses this power to explore the minds of suspects and victims, uncovering clues and insights that help solve the central mystery. Kaeru’s role is crucial in unraveling the story’s complex web.

What are Kaeru’s abilities?

Kaeru has the special ability to enter and explore the subconscious “id-wells” of other people. This allows him to see and experience the hidden thoughts, memories and impulses deep within a person’s psyche. He can navigate these strange, dreamlike landscapes to gather information vital to the investigation.

How does Kaeru’s ability work?

Kaeru’s ability to enter Idwells is not fully understood, even by Kaeru himself. It seems to be an innate power that allows him to project his consciousness into the subconscious of others. Once inside an id-well, Kaeru can interact with the landscape and the beings within it, uncovering clues and insights to aid in the investigation.

What challenges does Kaeru face?

Exploring the id wells can be a dangerous and disorienting experience for Kaeru. The surreal, abstract environments are alien and unpredictable. Kaeru must also contend with the presence of mysterious entities known as “Imaginations” that reside within the id wells. In addition, overuse of his abilities can take a physical and mental toll on Kaeru.

How does Kaeru’s character develop over the course of the story?

Throughout the series, Kaeru grows and matures as he deals with the immense responsibility and dangers of his abilities. He becomes more confident and adept at navigating the id wells, but also struggles with the heavy burden of what he discovers in the minds of others. Kaeru’s journey is one of self-discovery as he comes to better understand his own psyche and its connection to the greater mysteries at hand.