Aquamarine Hoshino

Japanese Name 星野 愛久愛海
Romaji Name Hoshino Aquamarine
Nicknames Aqua
Series “Idol”
Age 16
Weight N/A
Height 172 cm
Date of Birth N/A
Blood Type N/A

Aquamarine Hoshino from “Idol”: A Character Analysis

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Aquamarine Hoshino, also known as Aqua, is a fascinating character from the “Idol” series. Aqua has a kind and compassionate nature and values the sanctity of life. Despite his tragic past and the circumstances of his reincarnation, Aqua maintains a gentle demeanor and a strong sense of justice. He is driven by a desire for revenge and to uncover the truth behind his death, demonstrating his determination and unwavering resolve.


Before his untimely demise, Aqua was a middle-aged Japanese doctor named Gorou. Unfortunately, he met his end at the hands of a stalker as a result of his connection to Ai, a famous idol he treated as a patient. After his death, Aqua was reborn as Ai’s son, bearing the memories and experiences of his former life as Gorou.


Aqua’s physical appearance underwent a significant change with his reincarnation. As a result, he now appears as a teenage boy with blond hair and mesmerizing blue aqua pupils, reflecting his namesake. Of particular note is his right eye, which has a unique design of six star-shaped symbols. Aqua’s appearance exudes a sense of mystery and intrigue, drawing the attention of both the show’s characters and the audience.


Although Aqua has no supernatural powers, his greatest strengths are his intelligence and strong instincts. As a reincarnated individual, he retains the knowledge and skills he acquired in his previous life as a doctor. This background gives him a unique perspective and a keen understanding of human behavior. Aqua’s intellect and intuition aid him in his quest for justice and in uncovering the truth behind his unfortunate demise.


Aqua’s origins can be traced back to his former life as Gorou, a middle-aged Japanese doctor. His life took a tragic turn when he became involved with Ai, a famous idol who ultimately played a role in his demise. After his death, Aqua was reborn as Ai’s son, retaining memories of his former life. This reincarnation serves as the catalyst for Aqua’s journey of self-discovery and his quest for justice.

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Aquamarine Hoshino – FAQ

FAQ about Aquamarine Hoshino from “Idol

Who is Aquamarine Hoshino?
Aquamarine Hoshino is a fictional character from the popular anime and manga series “Idol”. She is one of the main characters and a talented idol singer.
What is Aquamarine Hoshino’s role in “Idol”?
In Idol, Aquamarine Hoshino is a member of the idol group known as the Starlight Angels. She plays an important role as one of the lead singers and dancers, and captivates the audience with her talent and charm.
What are Aquamarine Hoshino’s most notable traits or characteristics?
Aquamarine Hoshino is known for her stunning blue hair, which matches her name. She is often portrayed as cheerful, energetic, and optimistic. Aquamarine is also admired for her powerful singing voice and graceful dance moves.
Does Aquamarine Hoshino have any special abilities or powers?
No, Aquamarine Hoshino does not have any supernatural abilities or powers in the “Idol” series. Her main talents are singing, dancing and entertaining the audience as an idol.
What is Aquamarine Hoshino’s relationship to the other characters in “Idol”?
Aquamarine Hoshino has close friendships with the other members of the Starlight Angels, and they support and encourage each other in their journey as idols. She is particularly close to the series’ protagonist, often providing emotional support and guidance.
Does Aquamarine Hoshino have a backstory or character development?
Yes, Aquamarine Hoshino has a backstory and undergoes character development throughout the “Idol” series. As the story progresses, viewers will learn more about her personal history, aspirations, and challenges that contribute to her growth as a character.
Was Aquamarine Hoshino inspired by a real idol or celebrity?
Aquamarine Hoshino is a fictional character and is not directly inspired by any real-life idols or celebrities. However, her character may be inspired by the idol culture and industry as a whole in Japan.