Shirou Fubuki

Japanese Name 吹雪士郎
Romaji Name Fubuki Shirou
Nicknames Snowfield Prince
Shawn Froste
Series Inazuma Eleven
Age Varies based on series
Weight Varies based on series
Height Varies based on series
Date of Birth Not specified
Blood Type Not specified

Shirou Fubuki from Inazuma Eleven A closer look at the Snowfield Prince

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Shirou Fubuki, also known as the Snowfield Prince, is a character from the popular anime and manga series “Inazuma Eleven”. He possesses a princely type of character and is often described as a great gentleman. Fubuki is known for his calm and collected demeanor, which is reflected in his interactions with others. Despite his reserved nature, he is undeniably handsome and has a strong presence that draws people to him.


Fubuki Shirou is the captain of the soccer club at Hakuren Junior High School in Hokkaido. He is highly skilled and versatile, excelling both as a defender and as the team’s ace striker. Fubuki’s journey begins when he joins the Raimon Eleven in episode 33. Throughout the series, he becomes an integral part of the team, contributing his exceptional skills and leadership.


In terms of appearance, Fubuki has distinctive features that make him easily recognizable. He has gray hair and often wears a white shirt, which adds to his elegant and sophisticated image. Fubuki’s appearance matches his princely nature, emphasizing his regal presence on and off the pitch.


Fubuki is known for his exceptional soccer skills and a wide range of Hissatsu techniques. Some of his notable techniques include


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A powerful move that uses the power of ice to freeze the ground, making it difficult for opponents to move or maintain their balance.



Fubuki summons a blizzard-like effect to freeze the ball and opponents, creating a favorable situation for his team.
Wyvern Blizzard (with Someoka): Fubuki combines his strength with Someoka to unleash a devastating blizzard that overwhelms opponents.



Fubuki’s move that allows him to quickly maneuver around the field, leaving a trail of snow as he evades opponents.


Fubuki Shirou first appeared in the second season of the Inazuma Eleven series. He quickly established himself as a key character, captivating fans with his exceptional soccer skills and charismatic personality. Fubuki’s journey throughout the series shows his growth as a player and his dedication to his team.
As the Snowfield Prince, Fubuki Shirou has left a lasting impression on the fans of Inazuma Eleven. His combination of skill, grace, and leadership has cemented his status as one of the series’ most beloved characters. Whether it’s his elegant appearance, powerful techniques, or unwavering commitment to his team, Fubuki continues to inspire and captivate audiences both on and off the pitch.

Shirou Fubuki – FAQ

Who is Shirou Fubuki in “Inazuma Eleven”?

Shirou Fubuki is a fictional character from the anime and manga series “Inazuma Eleven”. He is a talented soccer player and one of the main characters in the series. Fubuki is known for his exceptional skills as a striker and his icy personality.

What are Shirou Fubuki’s special skills?

Shirou Fubuki has a unique ability called “Ice Road”. With this technique, he creates a path of ice on the field, allowing him to move quickly and outmaneuver his opponents. Fubuki’s exceptional speed and agility make him a formidable player.

What is Shirou Fubuki’s position on the team?

Shirou Fubuki plays primarily as a forward in the team. His goal-scoring ability and quick footwork make him an integral part of the team’s offensive strategies. Fubuki’s speed and accuracy in front of goal make him a powerful forward.

Does Shirou Fubuki have any character traits that make him stand out?

Yes, Shirou Fubuki is known for his introverted and aloof personality. He often keeps to himself and rarely shows his emotions. Fubuki’s stoic demeanor sometimes makes it difficult for others to understand him, but he is very dedicated to his teammates and the sport of soccer.

What is Shirou Fubuki’s backstory?

Shirou Fubuki has a tragic past that contributes to his reserved nature. He once had an older brother named Atsuya Fubuki, who was also a talented soccer player. But Atsuya died tragically, and Shirou took it upon himself to carry on his brother’s legacy and fulfill his dreams.

Does Shirou Fubuki have any rivalries in “Inazuma Eleven”?

Yes, Shirou Fubuki has a notable rivalry with the character Kazemaru Ichirouta. Both players have incredible speed and are often pitted against each other in intense matches. Their friendly rivalry pushes them to improve their skills and reach new heights in the world of soccer.