Japanese Name 桔梗
Romaji Name Kikyou
Nicknames Miko-sama
Series InuYasha
Age Unknown
Weight N/A
Height N/A
Date of Birth N/A
Blood Type N/A

Kikyou from “InuYasha”: A mysterious shrine girl

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Kikyou, a central character in the popular anime and manga series “InuYasha,” has a complex and multifaceted personality. Initially portrayed as a stoic and determined Shrine Maiden, Kikyou’s character evolves throughout the series, revealing layers of emotions and conflicting desires. She is known for her strong sense of justice and unwavering dedication to her duties as a miko (shrine maiden). Despite her tragic past and the betrayal she has experienced, Kikyou remains steadfast in her pursuit of truth and justice.


Kikyou’s backstory is essential to understanding her motivations and actions throughout the series. She was deeply in love with InuYasha, the half-demon protagonist, but their relationship was torn apart when Naraku, the main antagonist, manipulated her into believing that they had betrayed each other. Kikyou was eventually killed by Naraku’s machinations, but was later resurrected by the ogress Urasue. This resurrection came at a cost, however, as she had to consume the souls of the deceased to sustain her existence.


Kikyou’s appearance is both ethereal and haunting. As a resurrected corpse, her body is composed of bones and graveyard soil, giving her an otherworldly and ghostly appearance. She is often depicted in the traditional miko outfit of a white kimono and red hakama (pleated pants). Kikyou’s long, flowing black hair and piercing blue eyes add to her striking and enigmatic presence.


One of Kikyou’s most notable abilities is her extraordinary ability to heal. As a skilled miko, she has extensive knowledge of medicinal herbs and possesses powerful spiritual powers. Throughout the series, she uses her healing abilities to help those in need and plays a crucial role in battles against various demons and enemies. Kikyou’s spiritual powers also give her heightened senses and the ability to sense the presence of evil.


Kikyou’s origins lie in her role as a shrine maiden and her connection to the spiritual world. She was entrusted with guarding the Shikon Jewel, a powerful artifact that grants immense power to those who possess it. Her duty as guardian of the jewel serves as the driving force behind her character development and the conflicts she faces. Kikyou’s origins are deeply intertwined with the supernatural elements of the series, highlighting the rich mythology and folklore present in InuYasha.

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Kikyou – FAQ

Who is Kikyou in “InuYasha”?

Kikyou is a main character in the anime and manga series “InuYasha”. She is a priestess who possesses great spiritual powers and was the guardian of the Shikon Jewel, a powerful artifact sought by many for its ability to grant immense power.

What is the relationship between Kikyou and InuYasha?

Kikyou and InuYasha have a complicated relationship. They were once deeply in love and planned to be together. However, their relationship was torn apart when Kikyou was mortally wounded while trying to protect the Shikon Jewel. InuYasha, believing that she had betrayed him, was sealed to a tree by Kikyou’s arrow. Centuries later, Kikyou was revived and their paths crossed again, leading to a mixture of love, resentment and conflicting emotions.

What powers does Kikyou have?

As a priestess, Kikyou has powerful spiritual abilities. She is skilled in archery and has exceptional marksmanship, able to shoot her arrows with incredible accuracy. In addition, she can cleanse evil spirits, sense the presence of demons, and use spiritual energy for defensive and offensive purposes.

How does Kikyou see the Shikon Jewel?

Kikyou views the Shikon Jewel as a dangerous and corrupting object because of its ability to amplify the darkness in one’s heart. She believes that it should be kept away from those who would use it for evil purposes. As its guardian, it is Kikyou’s duty to protect the jewel and keep it from falling into the wrong hands.

What is Kikyou’s role in the overall story of “InuYasha”?

Kikyou plays an important role in the story of InuYasha. Her resurrection sets in motion a series of events that affect the lives of the main characters. She acts as a catalyst for the development of relationships and conflicts, especially between InuYasha, Kagome, and herself. Kikyou’s character explores themes of love, betrayal, and redemption throughout the series.

How does Kikyou’s character develop throughout the series?

Kikyou’s character undergoes several transformations throughout the series. Initially portrayed as a tragic figure consumed by revenge, she gradually learns to let go of her anger and resentment. Kikyou’s interactions with InuYasha, Kagome, and others help her regain her humanity and find moments of forgiveness and compassion. Ultimately, her arc explores themes of redemption and the complexity of human emotions.