Sesshoumaru’s Mother

Original Name (Japanese): 犬神
Romaji Name: Inukimi
Nicknames: Sesshoumaru’s Mother
Series: InuYasha, Hanyou no Yashahime: Sengoku Otogizoushi
Age: Unknown
Weight: Unknown
Height: Unknown
Date of Birth: Unknown
Blood Type: Unknown


Sesshoumaru’s mother, also known as Inukimi, is portrayed as a powerful and somewhat aloof dog demon. She has a similar demeanor to her son Sesshoumaru, with a certain amount of playfulness and detachment. She is observant and curious about Sesshoumaru’s companions, casually inquiring if he plans to eat them. Despite her initial aloofness, she shows genuine concern for her son’s well-being, as when she revives Rin after witnessing Sesshoumaru’s reaction to her death.


As the mate of the Inu no Taisho, the Lord of the Western Lands, Inukimi is the Lady of the Western Lands. She possesses the Meidou Stone, which was given to her by Inu no Taisho as a test for her son Sesshoumaru.

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Inukimi has a regal and elegant appearance, befitting her status as Lady of the Western Lands. She can transform into a giant dog demon like her late companion, but also has a more human form. In her human form, she is depicted with long silver hair and markings on her face similar to Sesshoumaru’s.


As a powerful Daiyoukai, Inukimi possesses various supernatural abilities, including the ability to transform into a giant dog demon. She also wields the Meidou Stone, which she uses to test Sesshoumaru’s abilities and character.


Inukimi was first introduced in the 466th chapter of the InuYasha manga. She makes her first appearance in the episode “Sesshoumaru in the Underworld” in the second anime series, InuYasha: The Final Act.

Sesshoumaru’s Mother – FAQ

Here are 6-8 FAQs about Sesshoumaru’s mother from “InuYasha: Kanketsu-hen”:

Who is Sesshoumaru’s mother?

Sesshoumaru’s mother is a powerful dog demon who is the former wife of the great demon lord Inu no Taishō. She is Sesshoumaru’s mother and cares deeply for him, despite their sometimes strained relationship.

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What is the name of Sesshoumaru’s mother?

Sesshoumaru’s mother’s name is never explicitly revealed in the anime or manga. She is simply referred to as “Sesshoumaru’s mother” or “The former wife of Inu no Taisho”.

What is the personality of Sesshoumaru’s mother?

Sesshoumaru’s mother is portrayed as a powerful, elegant and sophisticated demoness. She is highly intelligent and manipulative, willing to use cunning and deception to achieve her goals. However, she also shows a caring side towards her son Sesshoumaru, though their relationship can be complex and strained at times.

What is the relationship between Sesshoumaru’s mother and Sesshoumaru?

Sesshoumaru’s relationship with his mother is complicated. While she clearly cares for him, she can also be cold and disapproving at times. She seems to have high expectations of Sesshoumaru and is not afraid to criticize or challenge him. There is often an underlying tension in their interactions, although they do show genuine affection for each other.

What are the powers and abilities of Sesshoumaru’s mother?

As a powerful dog demon, Sesshoumaru’s mother possesses a wide range of abilities. She is skilled in combat and can transform into a massive dog demon form. She also appears to have powerful illusion and mind manipulation abilities, as seen when she traps Inuyasha and his companions in an illusion. Her exact powers are not fully explored in the series.

What role does Sesshoumaru’s mother play in the events of “InuYasha: Kanketsu-hen”?

Sesshoumaru’s mother plays a significant role in the final chapter of the InuYasha saga. She appears to help Sesshoumaru in his search for a powerful sword that could defeat the evil Naraku. She also provides Sesshoumaru with information and guidance, demonstrating her behind-the-scenes involvement in the unfolding events.