Ichika Orimura

Original Name 織斑 一夏
Romaji Name Orimura Ichika
Nicknames Orimu, I-kun
Series IS: Infinite Stratos
Age Varies throughout the series (teenage years)
Weight Varies
Height Varies
Date of Birth Unknown
Blood Type Unknown


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The protagonist of “IS: Infinite Stratos”.


Ichika Orimura, the main protagonist of the light novel and anime series “IS: Infinite Stratos,” has a distinct personality that defines his character. He is portrayed as a determined and courageous individual who is willing to face challenges head on. Despite his strengths, Ichika is often portrayed as somewhat dense and oblivious to the romantic feelings of those around him, especially the girls who are attracted to him. This obliviousness adds an element of humor to the story and creates entertaining interactions between Ichika and the female characters.


Ichika’s background contributes greatly to his character development. Abandoned by their parents at a young age, Ichika and his older sister, Chifuyu, were left to fend for themselves. Chifuyu, a legendary IS pilot, took on the responsibility of raising Ichika. This upbringing shaped Ichika’s determination and desire to prove himself. His sister’s influence and guidance instilled in him a strong sense of loyalty and a desire to protect those close to him.


Ichika Orimura is depicted as a young man of average height with short black hair, dyed blue in the anime adaptation, and dark brown eyes. He has a slim but well-trained physique, reflecting his dedication to physical fitness. Ichika’s appearance exudes a sense of youthful energy and determination, fitting his role as a student at the IS Academy.


One of the defining aspects of Ichika’s character is his ability to operate the Infinite Stratos (IS) weapons system, despite being the only male capable of doing so. This unique talent sets him apart from others and becomes a central plot point in the series. As a pilot, Ichika demonstrates exceptional combat skills and strategic thinking, although he is often outmaneuvered by his opponents due to his tendency to assess situations through internal monologues. However, his determination and unwavering spirit allow him to overcome challenges and grow as a pilot throughout the series.

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Ichika Orimura originated in the fictional world of “IS: Infinite Stratos”, a setting where the use of IS technology has revolutionized warfare. As the first male IS pilot, Ichika gains recognition and fame, making him a central figure in the series’ universe. His origin story intertwines with the larger narrative of the Infinite Stratos world as he becomes involved in various conflicts, friendships, and romantic entanglements.

Ichika Orimura – FAQ

Who is Ichika Orimura?

Ichika Orimura is the main protagonist of the anime and light novel series “IS: Infinite Stratos”. He is a high school student who becomes the first male to pilot an Infinite Stratos (IS), a powerful exoskeleton weapon system.

What is Ichika’s role in the series?

Ichika’s role in the series revolves around his experiences as the only male IS pilot in a world where IS technology is predominantly used by women. He attends the Infinite Stratos Academy, where he trains with other IS pilots and participates in various missions and competitions.

How does Ichika fly an Infinite Stratos?

Ichika has the ability to pilot an Infinite Stratos due to his unique compatibility with the system. He can activate and control the IS through a special suit and neural interface, allowing him to take advantage of its powerful combat capabilities.

What are Ichika’s personality traits?

Ichika is portrayed as a kind-hearted and somewhat oblivious individual. Due to his dense nature, he often finds himself in awkward situations when it comes to romantic advances from the female characters in the series. Despite his lack of awareness in romantic matters, he is determined and brave in battle.

Does Ichika have any unique skills or abilities?

While Ichika possesses no extraordinary powers or abilities outside of his IS piloting skills, he demonstrates exceptional adaptability and resourcefulness in combat situations. He often relies on his quick thinking and tactical instincts to overcome challenges.

What are some notable relationships in Ichika’s life?

Ichika has various relationships with the female characters in the series, often with romantic overtones. Notable relationships include Houki Shinonono, a childhood friend and fellow IS pilot; Cecilia Alcott, a British IS pilot; and Charlotte Dunois, a French IS pilot who initially disguises herself as a man.