Japanese Name ティアプレート
Romaji Name Tiapureeto
Nicknames None
Series Ishuzoku Reviewers
Age Unknown
Weight Unknown
Height Unknown
Date of Birth Unknown
Blood Type Unknown

Tiaplate of “Ishuzoku Reviewer

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Tiaplate, a character from the anime series “Ishuzoku Reviewers”, has a unique and fascinating personality. While her biography on MyAnimeList.net does not provide much detail, additional information from fan sources reveals some aspects of her character. Tiaplate is depicted as a salamander who radiates extreme heat and can set herself on fire at will. She is known for her playful and mischievous nature, often acting cute and affectionate towards others. Despite her seemingly innocent demeanor, Tiaplate is also known for her deadly abilities. She is described as lewd and intimate, though her fiery nature means she may not always realize the potential danger she poses.


Unfortunately, the available sources do not provide an extensive backstory for Tiaplate. However, it can be inferred that she is part of the world depicted in “Ishuzoku Reviewers,” which revolves around a group of adventurers who review and rate the services of various fantasy species. As a salamander, Tiaplate likely belongs to one of the many species found in this fantasy world. Her specific role and history within the context of the anime series remain unknown.


Tiaplate’s appearance is captivating and distinctive. With long, crimson-red hair that fades to yellow at the tips, her overall color scheme resembles that of fire. Notable physical features include scales covering her neck and cheeks, and a long, scale-covered tail with a grill pattern. Her eyes are depicted as red, further emphasizing her fiery nature. The combination of these elements showcases the unique and visually striking design of Tiaplate as a salamander character within the “Ishuzoku Reviewers” universe.


Tiaplate’s abilities are closely tied to her salamander nature. As mentioned above, she can emit and radiate extreme heat, allowing her to set herself on fire whenever she wishes. While the extent of her control over this ability is not specified, it suggests an increased resistance to heat and fire-related attacks. This power, combined with her playful and mischievous personality, adds an element of danger to her character. It should be noted that the sources do not provide information on any other specific abilities or skills that Tiaplate possesses.


Tiaplate comes from the anime series “Ishuzoku Reviewers”. Produced by the animation studio Passione, the series follows a group of adventurers as they explore a fantasy world filled with various humanoid and non-humanoid species. Tiaplate’s role in the series is that of a supporting character. While her exact origin within the fictional universe of “Ishuzoku Reviewers” is not revealed, she contributes to the overall narrative and adds depth to the fantastical world in which the story unfolds.
Please note that the information provided about Tiaplate is based on available sources, including MyAnimeList.net and fan-generated content.

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Tiaplate – FAQ

FAQ about Tiaplate by “Ishuzoku Reviewers

What is Tiaplate in “Ishuzoku Reviewers”?
Tiaplate is a fictional metal used in the anime and manga series “Ishuzoku Reviewers”. It is known for its unique properties and is often used to create armor and weapons.
How is Tiaplate different from ordinary metals?
Tiaplate has exceptional durability and strength, making it far superior to standard metals. It is also much lighter, allowing for greater mobility and agility for those using Tiaplate armor or weapons.
Are there any limitations on the use of Tiaplate?
While Tiaplate is very durable, it is not invincible. It can still be damaged or destroyed by strong forces or attacks. In addition, Tiaplate can be costly to produce and refine, and requires specialized techniques.
Who uses Tiaplate in Ishuzoku Reviewer?
In the world of Ishuzoku Reviewers, various adventurers, mercenaries, and warriors use Tiaplate armor and weapons. It is especially favored by those who value both protection and agility in combat.
Can Tiaplate be customized?
Yes, Tiaplate can be customized to suit the preferences and needs of individual users. It can be crafted into different styles and designs, allowing for personalization while maintaining its exceptional properties.
Is Tiaplate available to everyone in the Ishuzoku Reviewers universe?
Tiaplate is not easily accessible to everyone due to its rarity and the resources required to produce it. It is often considered a luxury item and is primarily available to those with sufficient wealth or connections.