Choubei Aza

項目 日本語名 Romaji名
ニックネーム 蝶兵衛 Choubei
シリーズ 影武者戦隊ケイシリーズ Kagemusha Sentai Kei Series
年齢 不明 Unknown
体重 不明 Unknown
身長 不明 Unknown
誕生日 不明 Unknown
血液型 不明 Unknown

Choubei Aza from “Jigokuraku”: An Insight into the Bandit King

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Choubei Aza is a character known for his fierce and notorious reputation as the “Bandit King”. He embodies a ruthless and cunning nature that befits his status as a vicious criminal. Choubei is driven by a lust for power and a quest for immortality. Despite his criminal activities, he has a strong sense of loyalty to his younger brother, Touma, who serves as his assigned Asaemon.


Choubei Aza’s background is intertwined with his criminal activities and his quest for the Elixir of Life. He is one of the few condemned criminals sent to Kotaku, a treacherous island, to retrieve the Elixir of Life for the Shogun. Before his condemnation, Choubei was already a well-known figure, leading a village full of bandits and instilling fear in the Iyo region.


Choubei Aza has a striking and imposing appearance that reflects his commanding presence. He is depicted as a tall and muscular individual who exudes an aura of strength and authority. His attire consists of traditional Japanese clothing, including a loose kimono and hakama pants. Choubei’s distinctive features include piercing eyes, a strong jawline, and a prominent scar that adds to his menacing appearance.


As the Bandit King, Choubei Aza possesses exceptional fighting skills and strategic acumen. He is a formidable opponent in battle, capable of overwhelming his opponents with sheer strength and mastery of various fighting techniques. Choubei’s extensive experience as a criminal leader has honed his tactical skills, allowing him to manipulate situations to his advantage.


Choubei Aza’s origins lie in his criminal activities and subsequent involvement in the world of Jigokuraku. While the exact details of his past remain elusive, his reputation as a notorious bandit leader in Iyo speaks volumes about his background. Choubei’s journey to Kotaku and his quest for the Elixir of Life serve as significant milestones in his character development and drive the plot of the series.

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[Word Count: 310]

Choubei Aza – FAQ

Who is Choubei Aza in “Jigokuraku”?

Choubei Aza is a character in the manga series “Jigokuraku” created by Yuji Kaku. He is one of the main protagonists and a member of the Yamada Asaemon family of executioners.

What are Choubei Aza’s skills and abilities?

Choubei Aza possesses exceptional swordsmanship skills and is highly skilled in combat. He is known for his incredible speed, agility, and reflexes. Choubei also has the ability to channel a unique energy called “Kujaku Hōō” through his blade, enhancing his attacks and granting him powerful techniques.

What is Choubei Aza’s role in the story?

Choubei Aza plays a crucial role in the “Jigokuraku” story as one of the main members of Yamada Asaemon’s team of executioners. He joins the main protagonist, Gabimaru, on a mission to find the elixir of life on the mysterious island of “Hōrai”. Throughout the series, Choubei’s skills and loyalty contribute greatly to the group’s survival and progress.

What is Choubei Aza’s personality like?

Choubei Aza is portrayed as a calm and collected individual. He is focused, disciplined, and highly dedicated to his mission. Choubei is loyal to his comrades, especially Gabimaru, and will go to great lengths to protect and support them. Despite his serious demeanor, he also shows moments of kindness and compassion.

Does Choubei Aza have any unique traits or characteristics?

One of Choubei Aza’s most distinctive features is his striking appearance. He has long, flowing white hair and piercing blue eyes. In addition, his mastery of the Kujaku Hōō technique gives him the ability to manifest ethereal peacock feathers during battle, enhancing his attacks and defenses.

Are there any significant relationships or connections that Choubei Aza has with other characters?

Choubei Aza shares a close bond with Gabimaru, the main protagonist of “Jigokuraku. They have a strong sense of comradeship and mutual respect, often fighting side by side. Choubei also forms relationships with other members of Yamada Asaemon’s team of executioners, forming a tight-knit group that relies on each other’s strengths.