Japanese Name 画眉丸
Romaji Name Gabimaru
Nicknames Gabimaru the Hollow, Gabi, Nekomaru
Series Jigokuraku
Age 16
Weight 59 kg (131 lbs)
Height 150 cm (4’11”)
Date of Birth January 8 (Capricorn)
Blood Type Unknown

Gabimaru – The Enigmatic Assassin of “Jigokuraku


Gabimaru, also known as Gabimaru the Hollow, is the main protagonist of the manga series “Hell’s Paradise: Jigokuraku. He has a unique and complex personality that adds depth to his character. At first, Gabimaru appears calm and serious, often maintaining a stoic demeanor. He believes he lacks emotion and behaves in a monotonous manner, speaking only when necessary. However, his true personality is revealed when he is alone with his wife. In her presence, he displays shyness and vulnerability, revealing a deep love and trust for her. Despite his profession as an assassin, Gabimaru harbors a conflicted inner self, making him a multifaceted and intriguing character.


Gabimaru, also known by his birth name Tsuki, was once a shinobi assassin of the Iwagakure. However, he became disillusioned with his role as a killer and wanted to live a peaceful life instead. This desire led him to leave his village, which ultimately led to his betrayal. Iwagakure considered Gabimaru a threat and sentenced him to death. Instead of executing him, they sent him to Kotaku, a dangerous island, with the mission to retrieve the Elixir of Life for the Shogun. It is in this context that Gabimaru’s journey unfolds, as he navigates the treacherous trials and battles in search of redemption and a chance at a new life.


Gabimaru’s physical appearance complements his enigmatic personality. He stands a relatively short 150 cm (4’11”) and has a lean, yet athletic build. He is distinguished by his sharp, piercing eyes and unkempt black hair that falls just above his shoulders. Gabimaru often dresses in traditional shinobi attire, wearing a dark uniform that allows him to blend seamlessly into the shadows. This choice of attire reflects his role as an elite assassin and his dedication to his craft.


As a Shinobi assassin, Gabimaru possesses exceptional skills and abilities that make him a formidable opponent. He is known for his exceptional speed, agility, and reflexes, which allow him to quickly eliminate his targets with deadly precision. Gabimaru’s fighting style is ruthless and efficient, dispatching his victims in seconds without remorse or mercy. His proficiency in various forms of melee combat and his mastery of weapons further enhance his deadly abilities. In addition, Gabimaru demonstrates remarkable resilience and endurance, having survived numerous life-threatening encounters throughout his journey.


Gabimaru originated in Iwagakure, where he trained as a shinobi and honed his skills as an assassin. He was considered the most notorious shinobi in the village before he decided to abandon his role as a killer. His subsequent betrayal by the village led to his exile to Kotaku, where his quest for the Elixir of Life begins. The trials and tribulations he faces on the island serve as a catalyst for personal growth and self-discovery. Throughout his journey, Gabimaru faces not only external threats, but also his own inner demons, struggling to reconcile his past actions with his desire for a new life.
In the world of Jigokuraku, Gabimaru is a complex and compelling character. His enigmatic personality, tragic background, formidable skills, and personal journey make him a central figure in the story. As readers delve into the pages of “Hell’s Paradise: Jigokuraku,” they will be drawn into Gabimaru’s world, witnessing his transformation and unraveling the mysteries that surround him.

Gabimaru – FAQ

Who is Gabimaru from “Jigokuraku”?

Gabimaru is the main protagonist of the manga series “Jigokuraku” (also known as “Hell’s Paradise: Jigokuraku”). He is a skilled shinobi and former executioner known as “Gabimaru the Hollow” due to his lack of emotions.

What is Gabimaru’s goal in “Jigokuraku”?

Gabimaru’s goal is to find the Elixir of Immortality, which is said to be located on an island known as “Hōrai”. He embarks on a dangerous mission to the island with a group of other criminals, hoping to gain his own freedom by obtaining the elixir.

What are Gabimaru’s skills and abilities?

Gabimaru is a highly skilled shinobi with exceptional fighting abilities. He is a master of various ninja techniques, including stealth, assassination, and hand-to-hand combat. He possesses incredible speed, agility, and reflexes, making him a formidable opponent in battle.

What is Gabimaru’s personality like?

Gabimaru is initially portrayed as emotionless and detached from others, earning him the nickname “Gabimaru the Hollow”. As the story progresses, however, his character evolves, and he begins to show more complex emotions and empathy for his comrades.

Does Gabimaru have any significant relationships in the series?

Throughout the series, Gabimaru forms a close bond with Sagiri, a female ninja who accompanies him on his journey to Hōrai. Their relationship evolves from a reluctant partnership to one of deep mutual understanding and trust.

What challenges does Gabimaru face in Jigokuraku?

Gabimaru faces many challenges in his quest to reach Hōrai. He encounters powerful enemies, deadly traps, and other criminals who also seek the elixir of immortality. He must also confront his own past and inner demons in his quest for redemption.