Kukuru Anrakutei

Japanese Name 暗落亭 苦来
Romaji Name Anrakutei Kukuru
Nicknames None
Series Joshiraku
Age Not specified
Weight Not specified
Height Not specified
Date of Birth Not specified
Blood Type Not specified

Kukuru Anrakutei from “Joshiraku”: A closer look at the enigmatic character

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Kukuru Anrakutei, a prominent character in the anime and manga series “Joshiraku,” has a complex and enigmatic personality. She is a girl with straight black hair who is known for her exceptional acting skills. However, beneath her talent lies a sense of unhappiness and emotional instability. Kukuru’s character is characterized by a unique blend of wit, vulnerability, and a penchant for dark humor. Her name, a play on several words, reflects the negative aspects associated with her character. Despite her emotional struggles, Kukuru remains resilient and embraces her role as one of the show’s protagonists.


While specific details about Kukuru Anrakutei’s background are limited, it is evident that she comes from a family with a theatrical background. In the context of the series, “tei” is added to the end of all family names, including Anrakutei’s, suggesting a common connection among the characters. Kukuru’s family background likely contributes to her exceptional acting skills and familiarity with the world of theater.


Kukuru Anrakutei’s appearance is characterized by her straight black hair, which falls either slightly past her waist or at hip length. She often leaves her hair untied, allowing it to flow freely. Her deep blue eyes add to her captivating presence, and her overall appearance exudes a sense of elegance and grace. Kukuru’s physical attributes complement the theatrical nature of her character and contribute to her stage persona.


Kukuru’s most prominent ability lies in her acting skills. She has a remarkable talent for acting and can portray different characters with authenticity and depth. Her ability to immerse herself in different roles adds depth and richness to the storytelling in “Joshiraku”. Kukuru’s acting skills are an integral part of the series, allowing her to captivate the audience and bring the story to life.


While the exact origin of Kukuru Anrakutei’s character is not explicitly stated, she originally appeared in the anime and manga series “Joshiraku”. Written by Kouji Kumeta, the series follows the daily lives and comedic adventures of a group of female rakugo performers. Kukuru’s character plays a central role in the series, contributing to its humor, emotional depth, and exploration of the theatrical world.

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Kukuru Anrakutei – FAQ

Who is Kukuru Anrakutei?

Kukuru Anrakutei is a character from the manga and anime series “Joshiraku”. She is one of the main characters and a member of the rakugo theater troupe called “Rakugo Girls”.

What is Kukuru’s personality like?

Kukuru is known for her serious and stoic personality. She often appears calm and collected and rarely shows her emotions. She is dedicated to her craft and takes rakugo very seriously.

What is Kukuru’s role in the Rakugo Girls troupe?

Kukuru serves as the tsukkomi, a role in traditional Japanese comedy where one person plays the straight man and responds to the jokes and antics of the boke, the funny person. She is responsible for delivering sharp and witty comebacks to create comedic moments.

Does Kukuru have any unique traits or quirks?

Yes, Kukuru is often depicted wearing a pair of glasses, which has become one of her trademarks. She is also seen carrying a wooden fan, which she occasionally uses as a prop during her rakugo performances.

What are Kukuru’s strengths as a rakugo performer?

Kukuru is praised for her excellent timing and delivery. Her serious demeanor and deadpan expressions add to the comedic effect of her performances. She has a knack for creating unexpected twists and turns in her stories that keep the audience entertained and guessing.

Is Kukuru close to the other Rakugo Girls?

While Kukuru’s serious nature may make her seem distant, she shares a close bond with the other members of the Rakugo Girls troupe. They support and rely on each other both on and off stage, forming a strong camaraderie.