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Junjou Romantica

Hiroki Kamijou

Original Name 上條 弘樹 Romaji Name Kamijou Hiroki Nicknames Hiro-san Series Junjou Romantica Age 28 Weight N/A Height N/A Date of Birth November 22 Blood Type N/A Hiroki Kamijou of Junjou Romantica Personality Hiroki Kamijou is a complex character with a passionate and temperamental personality. He is known for his strong emotions and has a […]

Misaki Takahashi

Japanese Name 高橋 美咲 Romaji Name Takahashi Misaki Nicknames Chibi-tan Series Junjou Romantica Age 18 Weight N/A Height 162 cm Date of Birth August 18 Blood Type N/A Misaki Takahashi A detailed character analysis from “Junjou Romantica Personality Misaki Takahashi, the main protagonist of the anime and manga series “Junjou Romantica”, is portrayed as a […]

Akihiko Usami

Japanese Name: 宇佐見 秋彦 Romaji Name: Usami Akihiko Nicknames: Usagi Series: Junjou Romantica Age: 28 Weight: Unknown Height: Unknown Date of Birth: March 3 Blood Type: Pisces Personality Akihiko Usami, also known as “Usagi”, is a complex character with a multifaceted personality. He is portrayed as a pure-hearted romantic who is passionate about love and […]