Akihiko Usami

Japanese Name: 宇佐見 秋彦
Romaji Name: Usami Akihiko
Nicknames: Usagi
Series: Junjou Romantica
Age: 28
Weight: Unknown
Height: Unknown
Date of Birth: March 3
Blood Type: Pisces


Akihiko Usami, also known as “Usagi”, is a complex character with a multifaceted personality. He is portrayed as a pure-hearted romantic who is passionate about love and romance. Despite his outward cold and aloof demeanor, Akihiko is deeply caring and protective of those he loves. He is fiercely devoted to his partner, Misaki Takahashi, and their relationship is called Junjou Romantica, which shares the same name as the series.
Akihiko is known for his intelligence and wit, which is reflected in his successful career as a writer. However, his reputation as a writer is marred by his tendency to miss deadlines. Despite this flaw, he remains highly sought after by readers and is extremely popular, especially for his romantic novels.


Akihiko Usami was born on March 3 and grew up in England until the age of ten, when he moved to Japan. He comes from a wealthy family and has a half-brother named Haruhiko. Akihiko excelled academically, graduating first in his law school class and becoming the youngest recipient of the Naomori Award, a prestigious honor. He works for Marukawa Publishing Co., where he writes both mainstream novels and erotic yaoi fiction under the pen name Akikawa Yayoi.


Akihiko Usami is portrayed as an attractive and cultured individual. He is tall, with a well-built physique and elegant features. His silver hair and piercing blue eyes add to his charming and alluring appearance. Akihiko is often seen wearing stylish and fashionable clothing, reflecting his refined taste.


Akihiko Usami is known for his exceptional writing skills, which have earned him great success in the literary world. A prolific author, he is known for both his mainstream novels and his yaoi fiction under the pen name Akikawa Yayoi. Akihiko’s ability to express deep emotions and create compelling stories has earned him a large following. However, his tendency to procrastinate and miss deadlines is a recurring challenge for him.


Akihiko Usami’s origins lie in the Junjou Romantica series, a popular yaoi manga and anime franchise created by Shungiku Nakamura. The series revolves around the complicated relationships and romantic entanglements of three couples, with Akihiko and Misaki being one of the central couples. Akihiko’s character development and arc unfolds throughout the series as he navigates his career, love life, and personal struggles.

Akihiko Usami – FAQ

Who is Akihiko Usami?

Akihiko Usami is a fictional character from the anime and manga series “Junjou Romantica”. He is one of the main protagonists and is known for his talent as a bestselling author.

What is Akihiko’s personality like?

Akihiko Usami is often portrayed as a complex character. He is intelligent, self-confident, and has a strong sense of responsibility. However, he can also be aloof, stubborn, and emotionally guarded. Akihiko tends to hide his true feelings behind a cool and composed facade.

What is the relationship between Akihiko and Misaki Takahashi?

Akihiko Usami’s relationship with Misaki Takahashi is a central focus of the “Junjou Romantica” series. Akihiko becomes Misaki’s tutor and eventually falls in love with him. Their relationship is marked by ups and downs, with Akihiko often struggling to express his emotions and Misaki struggling with his own feelings.

What is Akihiko’s profession?

Akihiko Usami is a successful author and has achieved great popularity with his novels. His talent as a writer is highly regarded and he is often seen working on his projects and meeting with his editor.

Does Akihiko have any other significant relationships?

Aside from his relationship with Misaki, Akihiko Usami has significant relationships with other characters in the series. He has a close friendship with Hiroki Kamijou, another main character, and their bond is explored throughout the story. Akihiko also has a complicated history with his childhood friend and former lover, Haruhiko Usami.

What are Akihiko’s most notable characteristics?

Akihiko Usami is known for his intellect, creativity, and talent as a writer. He is often seen as a calm and mysterious figure, with his deep voice and striking appearance adding to his allure. Akihiko is also passionate about his work and strives for excellence in everything he does.