Hiroki Kamijou

Original Name 上條 弘樹
Romaji Name Kamijou Hiroki
Nicknames Hiro-san
Series Junjou Romantica
Age 28
Weight N/A
Height N/A
Date of Birth November 22
Blood Type N/A

Hiroki Kamijou of Junjou Romantica

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Hiroki Kamijou is a complex character with a passionate and temperamental personality. He is known for his strong emotions and has a tendency to be a loner. Hiroki’s passionate nature is evident in both his personal and professional life. As an assistant to a professor of classical literature at the university, he takes his work seriously and expects his students to do the same. He has a reputation for being strict and does not hesitate to throw things at his students if they are not paying attention in class.
In his personal relationships, Hiroki is initially portrayed as reserved and distant. He was once deeply in love with his childhood friend Usami, until his path crossed with Nowaki Kusama. Hiroki’s relationship with Nowaki, who falls under the category of Junjou Egoist, evolves over the course of the series. Despite his initial reluctance, Hiroki gradually opens up and allows himself to experience love and vulnerability.


Hiroki Kamijou was born on November 22nd and is currently 28 years old. He works as a professor’s assistant in the department of classical literature at the university. Hiroki and Usami were childhood friends, and their relationship took a romantic turn until the day he met Nowaki. The details of Hiroki’s upbringing and family background are not extensively explored in the series.


Hiroki Kamijou is depicted as a tall and attractive individual with brown hair. He has a somewhat serious and mature appearance, which complements his reserved nature. Hiroki’s clothing consists mainly of formal attire, reflecting his role as a university assistant and his professional demeanor.


Although Hiroki Kamijou’s abilities are not explicitly emphasized in the series, his role as an assistant in the Department of Classical Literature suggests a strong academic background and knowledge of literature. He shows a deep passion for his field of study and is dedicated to his work as a professor’s assistant.


Hiroki Kamijou is a fictional character from the anime and manga series Junjou Romantica. The series, created by Shungiku Nakamura, revolves around the intertwining love stories of various characters. Hiroki’s story arc falls under the Junjou Egoist category, and depicts his relationship with Nowaki Kusama.

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Hiroki Kamijou – FAQ

Who is Hiroki Kamijou in “Junjou Romantica”?

Hiroki Kamijou is one of the main characters in the anime and manga series “Junjou Romantica”. He is a university professor and has a serious and reserved personality.

What is the relationship between Hiroki and Misaki Takahashi?

Hiroki Kamijou is Misaki Takahashi’s former tutor and mentor. They have a complicated relationship full of mixed emotions, as Hiroki still has strong feelings for Misaki.

Does Hiroki have a love interest in the series?

Yes, Hiroki’s main love interest in “Junjou Romantica” is Nowaki Kusama. Nowaki is a persistent and optimistic young man who pursues Hiroki despite his initial reluctance. They eventually develop a deep and loving relationship.

What is Hiroki’s personality like?

Hiroki Kamijou is often seen as serious, reserved and strict. He is dedicated to his work and takes his responsibilities seriously. Hiroki can be easily nervous and has a tendency to get upset or frustrated easily.

What are Hiroki’s hobbies and interests?

Hiroki is an avid reader and has a great passion for literature. He enjoys spending his free time reading books and is knowledgeable about various literary works. Hiroki also has a talent for playing the piano.

Does Hiroki have any notable friends?

Hiroki shares a close friendship with his university colleague and fellow professor, Akihiko Usami. They have known each other for a long time and often support and advise each other in matters of love and relationships.