Mio Akiyama

Japanese Name 秋山 澪
Romaji Name Akiyama Mio
Series K-On!
Age 16-18
Weight 54 kg
Height 160 cm
Date of Birth January 15
Blood Type A
Favorite Music jazz, moody instrumental music
Experience with Playing Musical Instruments Started playing bass in middle school (3 years of experience)
Family Structure Family of three, both parents
Dwelling Single family detached home
Commute to School Walking
Preferences in Clothing Pants over skirts; sleeveless clothes in summertime
Favorite Food Gateau au Chocolat (rich layered chocolate cake)
Subjects She is Good at All subjects
Subjects She is Bad at No subject in particular
Physical Activity Good at sports
Way to Pass the Time When Alone Studying
Weaknesses and Dislikes Scary stories, stories about pain

Mio Akiyama

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Mio Akiyama is a character from the anime and manga series “K-On!”. She is portrayed as a shy and reserved girl who often displays a mature and serious demeanor. Despite her shy nature, Mio has a strong sense of responsibility and dedication to her passions.
Mio is known for her exceptional musical talents, being an accomplished bassist and composer. She has proven to be highly skilled in both fingerstyle and picking techniques, capable of playing at high speeds and adapting to different musical styles. Mio’s reserved personality extends to her fear of the macabre and horror, and she is often easily frightened by stories involving ghosts, blood, or haunted houses.


Mio Akiyama is a member of the Light Music Club and one of the founding members of the band Ho-Kago Tea Time. Mio originally wanted to join the literature club, but her childhood friend and club president, Ritsu Tainaka, convinced her to join the light music club instead. Mio started playing the bass in middle school at Ritsu’s suggestion, and has since gained three years of experience.
Mio comes from a typical two-parent household and lives in a single-family home. She has a family of three and leads a relatively ordinary life. Despite her reserved nature, she forms deep bonds with her bandmates and finds joy in her musical pursuits.


Mio Akiyama has long straight black hair and gray eyes. Her hair is typically worn down and falls past her shoulders. She is often seen in her school uniform, which consists of a white shirt, blue skirt, and black knee-high socks. Mio’s distinguishing feature is her left-handedness, which is reflected in her choice of instruments.


Mio Akiyama is a highly skilled bassist and composer. She plays a left-handed 3-color sunburst Fender Jazz Bass with a tortoiseshell pickguard. Mio’s technical skills and attention to detail make her an indispensable member of the band. She is responsible for writing most of the songs performed by Ho-Kago Tea Time, demonstrating her musical creativity and talent.
In addition to her musical abilities, Mio excels academically and is consistently one of the top students in her class. She demonstrates proficiency in various subjects and is known for her diligent study habits. Mio is also physically gifted and adept at sports.


Mio Akiyama is from the anime and manga series “K-On!” created by Kakifly. The series follows the story of four high school girls – Yui Hirasawa, Mio Akiyama, Ritsu Tainaka and Tsumugi Kotobuki – as they form a band called Ho-Kago Tea Time (After School Tea Time) and navigate their school life together. Mio’s character development revolves around her growth as a musician, overcoming her shyness, and forming deep friendships with her bandmates.
Mio Akiyama’s character has gained great popularity among fans of “K-On!” due to her relatable personality, musical talents, and distinctive character design. She has become an anime icon and has left a lasting impression on viewers and readers alike.

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Mio Akiyama – FAQ

Who is Mio Akiyama?

Mio Akiyama is a fictional character in the anime and manga series “K-On! She is one of the main characters and a member of the light music club at Sakuragaoka High School.

What is Mio Akiyama’s personality like?

Mio Akiyama is known to be shy, reserved and easily embarrassed. She is also very responsible and takes her role as the band’s bassist seriously. Despite her shy nature, she has a strong sense of determination and is passionate about music.

What are Mio Akiyama’s hobbies?

Mio Akiyama enjoys playing the bass guitar and writing music. She can often be seen practicing her instrument and composing songs for her band, Ho-kago Tea Time.

What is Mio’s role in the band?

Mio Akiyama is the bass player for the band Ho-kago Tea Time. Her skills on the bass guitar are exceptional, and her playing provides the rhythmic and melodic foundation of the band. She also contributes to the band’s songwriting process.

Does Mio Akiyama have any special characteristics?

One of Mio Akiyama’s most notable characteristics is her long, straight black hair, which she often wears in braids. She is also known for her fear of horror and scary things, which often leads to humorous situations in the series.

Is Mio Akiyama a popular character?

Yes, Mio Akiyama is a popular character among “K-On!” fans. Her relatable personality, musical talent, and cute appearance have contributed to her popularity. She is often considered one of the most popular characters in the series.

Does Mio Akiyama have a close relationship with any of the other characters?

Yes, Mio Akiyama has close relationships with the other members of Ho-kago Tea Time. She is best friends with Ritsu Tainaka, the band’s drummer, and they often have comedic interactions. Mio is also shown to have a close relationship with her bandmates Yui Hirasawa, Tsumugi Kotobuki, and Azusa Nakano.