Ritsu Tainaka

Original Name 田井中 律
Romaji Name Ritsu Tainaka
Nicknames Ricchan
Series K-On!
Age Varies depending on the series
Weight 48 kg
Height 154 cm
Date of Birth August 21
Blood Type B
Favorite Music Rock in general. Metal, punk, and other aggressive music is okay too. Beat is what counts.
Experience with Playing Musical Instruments Started playing in Middle School. Three years of experience.
Family Structure Family of four, both parents and a younger brother attending middle school. Average household of an office worker. She has no reservations about hanging out together with her brother.
Dwelling Single-family detached home.
Commute to School Walks (her house is in the same neighborhood as Mio’s).
Preferences in Clothing Pants over skirts. She likes to wear polo shirts.
Favorite Food Rice. Rice comes before snacks. She values food that fills the belly.
Subjects She is Good at Physical Education.
Subjects She is Bad at Everything else.
Physical Exercise Her strong point.
Way to Pass the Time When Alone Reading manga.
Weaknesses and Dislikes Work that involves minute details, complex and fussy tasks.

Ritsu Tainaka of “K-On! – An energetic drummer with a playful personality


Ritsu Tainaka, also known by her nickname Ricchan, is a character from the anime series “K-On!”. She is the self-proclaimed president of the Light Music Club and serves as the band’s drummer. Ritsu is known for her energetic and slightly tomboyish personality. She is often the source of fun, encouragement, and comic relief in her band. Ritsu has a playful nature and enjoys making jokes, puns, and pranks. She is also quite sarcastic most of the time. Ritsu’s cheerful demeanor and lightheartedness contribute to the overall dynamic of the group.


Ritsu Tainaka comes from a family of four, including both parents and a younger brother who is in middle school. Her family has an average household and their home is a single-family house. Ritsu started playing musical instruments in middle school and has three years of experience. Her love for rock music, including metal and punk, influences her musical preferences. Ritsu has a special affinity for drums, which she finds “cool. She chose drums because she struggled with instruments that required complicated finger movements. Ritsu’s passion for music and her desire to support her friends led her to become the president of the Light Music Club.


Ritsu Tainaka has shoulder-length brown hair and golden eyes. She often pulls her bangs back with a yellow hair band to show off her cheerful and lively expression. In terms of clothing, Ritsu prefers pants over skirts and is often seen wearing polo shirts. Her school jacket is usually left open. Ritsu’s appearance reflects her energetic and casual personality.


As the drummer of the band, Ritsu Tainaka has excellent drumming skills. She is able to maintain rhythm and provide a solid foundation for the band’s music. Ritsu’s proficiency with the drums allows her to contribute to the band’s performances and create a dynamic atmosphere during their shows. In addition, Ritsu is known for her ability to come up with ideas to help the club make money. Her resourcefulness and creativity make her a valuable asset to the group.


Ritsu Tainaka is from the anime series “K-On!”, which follows the story of a group of high school girls who form a light music club. Together with her friends Yui, Mio, Tsumugi and Azusa, Ritsu embarks on various musical adventures and faces the challenges of high school life. Ritsu’s character brings a lively and comedic element to the series, contributing to the overall charm and entertainment value of “K-On!

Ritsu Tainaka – FAQ

Who is Ritsu Tainaka?

Ritsu Tainaka is a fictional character from the anime and manga series “K-On! She is one of the main characters and the drummer of the light music club at Sakuragaoka High School.

What is Ritsu Tainaka’s personality like?

Ritsu is known for her energetic and outgoing personality. She is often the one who initiates activities and keeps the group’s spirits high. Ritsu can be impulsive and mischievous at times, but she is also a loyal friend who cares deeply for her bandmates.

What instrument does Ritsu play?

Ritsu Tainaka plays the drums in the Light Music Club. She is a skilled drummer and provides the rhythm and beats for the band’s performances.

What are some notable traits or characteristics of Ritsu Tainaka?

Ritsu is often seen wearing her signature headband and is known for her short brown hair. She has a playful and tomboyish style that matches her vivacious personality. Ritsu is also known for her love of snacks and her tendency to procrastinate on schoolwork.

What is Ritsu Tainaka’s role in the band?

Ritsu is the drummer and president of the Light Music Club. She is responsible for keeping the rhythm and tempo of the band. Her energetic drumming style adds a lively and dynamic element to the band’s performances.

What is the relationship between Ritsu Tainaka and the other characters in “K-On!”?

Ritsu is best friends with Mio Akiyama, the band’s bassist, and the two often have a playful and teasing dynamic. She also has a close friendship with Yui Hirasawa, the band’s guitarist, and often encourages her to practice and improve. Ritsu gets along well with the other members of the Light Music Club and considers them all her dear friends.