Chihiro Rokuhira

Japanese Name 六平 チヒロ
Romaji Name Chihiro Rokuhira
Nicknames None
Series Kagurabachi
Age Not specified
Weight Not specified
Height Not specified
Date of Birth Not specified
Blood Type Not specified


Chihiro Rokuhira, the main protagonist of the “Kagurabachi” manga series, has a hardworking and curious personality. He is deeply committed to learning the art of swordsmithing under the guidance of his renowned father, Kunishige Rokuhira. Chihiro’s dedication to his craft is evident in his daily training sessions, where he strives to improve his skills and master the unique method of forging special katanas for which his father is known.
Despite his serious approach to training, Chihiro also has a lighthearted side. He finds his father’s habit of talking to their goldfish a little odd, but accepts it as one of Kunishige’s quirks. Chihiro’s determination is fueled by a desire for revenge, as his father was tragically killed by three sorcerers. This thirst for vengeance drives him forward and gives him the strength to face the challenges that come his way.

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Chihiro Rokuhira is the son of Kunishige Rokuhira, a renowned swordsmith. Raised in a family deeply rooted in the art of swordsmithing, Chihiro was exposed to the craft from an early age. Under the guidance of his father, he learned the intricate techniques and secrets of forging exceptional katanas. Chihiro’s background in a family of swordsmiths instilled in him a strong sense of tradition and craftsmanship.


Chihiro Rokuhira has a distinctive appearance befitting a protagonist in a fantasy manga series. With his determined expression and sharp gaze, he exudes a sense of determination and purpose. Chihiro’s attire often reflects the traditional elements of his craft, and he can be seen wearing clothing appropriate for a swordsmith. His appearance is a blend of youthful vigor and the weight of responsibility, showing his dedication to his training and his role as the main character in “Kagurabachi”.


As a swordsmith and the protagonist of “Kagurabachi,” Chihiro Rokuhira possesses exceptional skills related to his craft. He was trained extensively by his father, Kunishige, and has developed a deep understanding of the art of swordsmithing. Chihiro’s unique method of forging special katanas sets him apart from others in the field.
In addition to his swordsmithing expertise, Chihiro wields an enchanted blade made by his father. This blade is imbued with the power of a goldfish that belongs to Kunishige. The enchanted sword has a black color that repels evil forces. With this weapon, Chihiro gains an advantage in battle and is able to confront his enemies with his skills as a swordsmith and the power of the enchanted blade.


Chihiro Rokuhira comes from the manga series “Kagurabachi”, where he serves as the main protagonist. Created by the author and artist behind the series, Chihiro’s character was intended to embody the spirit of a dedicated swordsmith on a quest for vengeance. His background as the son of a renowned swordsmith and his unique abilities make him a compelling and central figure in the story.
Throughout the series, Chihiro’s character evolves and grows as he faces various challenges, hones his skills, and seeks justice for his father’s death. His journey as a swordsmith and his quest for revenge contribute to the overarching narrative of “Kagurabachi” and make him an integral part of the series’ storyline.
Please note that the above information is based on the character Chihiro Rokuhira from the manga series “Kagurabachi” and the available sources.

Chihiro Rokuhira – FAQ

Who is Chihiro Rokuhira?

Chihiro Rokuhira is a fictional character from the manga series “Kagurabachi”. She is one of the main protagonists of the story.

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What is Chihiro Rokuhira’s role in “Kagurabachi”?

Chihiro Rokuhira is a central character in Kagurabachi. She is a skilled warrior who possesses unique abilities and plays a crucial role in the ongoing conflicts and events within the manga.

What are Chihiro Rokuhira’s special skills?

Chihiro Rokuhira possesses exceptional fighting skills and is proficient in various forms of martial arts. She also has the ability to manipulate energy and channel it into powerful attacks. In addition, she has a strong connection to nature and can communicate with spiritual beings.

What is Chihiro Rokuhira’s personality like?

Chihiro Rokuhira is portrayed as a determined and strong-willed individual. She is fiercely loyal to her friends and will go to great lengths to protect them. Chihiro is also known for her unwavering sense of justice and her willingness to stand up for what she believes in.

What is Chihiro Rokuhira’s background?

Chihiro Rokuhira’s background is explored over the course of the “Kagurabachi” manga. She comes from a lineage of powerful warriors and has undergone rigorous training from a young age to hone her skills. Chihiro’s past experiences and family history influence her actions and motivations throughout the story.

Does Chihiro Rokuhira have any relatives?

Yes, Chihiro Rokuhira has meaningful relationships with other characters in Kagurabachi. She has strong bonds with her comrades and allies, and her interactions with them often drive the narrative forward. Chihiro’s relationships contribute to her character development and influence her decisions throughout the series.