Japanese Name カイバ
Romaji Name Kaiba
Nicknames The King of Memories
Series Kaiba
Age Unknown
Weight Unknown
Height Unknown
Date of Birth Unknown
Blood Type Unknown

Kaiba from “Kaiba

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Kaiba, the main character of the anime series “Kaiba”, is portrayed as a reserved individual who doesn’t speak much. At the beginning of the series, he suffers from amnesia and has no access to his memories. Despite his lack of memory, Kaiba possesses great power and exhibits a calm and enigmatic demeanor. He is shown to have an extremely detailed and complex memory, effectively having total recall.


Kaiba, whose real name is Warp, is known as the King of Memories. He is one of six sons of his father, the former king. In a conflict to determine his father’s succession, all of Kaiba’s brothers were killed, leaving him as the sole survivor with his invulnerability. For a time, he ruled in his father’s place and invented the technology that allowed for the preservation of memories, making them accessible to the people. Later, however, Kaiba was locked away in his palace and tightly controlled, under constant surveillance by an unknown party while maintaining his position of power.
When the series begins, Kaiba has fallen from the sky and lost his memories due to electrical storms. Another individual, a clone of his body, currently reigns as king, lacking Warp’s powers and memories.


Kaiba has distinct physical features that contribute to his mysterious and intriguing presence. He has a hole in the center of his chest and a tattoo of three circles forming a triangle on his stomach. There is a sense of otherworldliness to his appearance, reflecting his unique status and abilities.


Throughout the series, Kaiba’s extraordinary abilities are gradually revealed. He demonstrates the power to survive physical damage unharmed and has the ability to stop or destroy large objects with his mind. However, he remains unaware of the full extent of his powers and struggles to control them effectively. In addition, Kaiba has an incredibly detailed and complex memory, giving him total recall.


“Kaiba is a Japanese science fiction anime television series produced by Madhouse. It was created, written and directed by Masaaki Yuasa. The anime explores a futuristic dystopian world where memories can be stored, bought and sold like commodities. Kaiba’s journey in search of his lost memories and his connection to a mysterious girl form the core of the series’ plot.
The character of Kaiba embodies the central themes of identity, memory, and power within the narrative, contributing to the overall depth and complexity of the story.
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Kaiba – FAQ

Who is Kaiba?

Kaiba is the main character of the anime series “Kaiba”. He is a young man who wakes up with no memories and finds himself in a world where memories can be transferred and stored in different bodies.

What is the premise of the anime “Kaiba”?

“Kaiba” is set in a dystopian future where memories can be digitized and transferred between bodies. The story follows Kaiba as he embarks on a journey to recover his lost memories and discover the truth about his identity.

How does memory transfer work in the world of “Kaiba”?

In “Kaiba”, memories are stored in small chips called “memory chips”. These chips can be inserted into a person’s body, transferring their memories to that body. Memories can also be stored in other objects, allowing for memory manipulation and alteration.

What are the main themes of “Kaiba”?

“Kaiba” explores themes of identity, memory, love, and the human condition. It deals with questions of what makes us who we are and the impact of memories on our sense of self. The series also addresses social issues such as social inequality and the consequences of technological advances.

Who are some of the other major characters in “Kaiba”?

Aside from Kaiba, other major characters in the series include Neiro, a mysterious woman who helps Kaiba on his journey; Popo, a child who befriends Kaiba; and Vanilla, a powerful memory trader who plays a crucial role in the story.

Is Kaiba suitable for all audiences?

“Kaiba” is generally recommended for mature audiences due to its complex themes, occasional violence, and some suggestive content. The series deals with thought-provoking concepts and may not be suitable for young children.