Original Name 姫 / リリアーヌ
Romaji Name Hime / Ririanu
Series Kaibutsu Oujo
Age Unknown
Weight Unknown
Height Unknown
Date of Birth Unknown
Blood Type Unknown

Liliane “Hime” from “Kaibutsu Oujo”: A fascinating character

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Liliane, also known as Hime, is the main character of the anime and manga series “Kaibutsu Oujo”. She has a unique and fascinating personality that captivates viewers and readers alike. Although she is a princess and the daughter of the king of all monsters, Liliane is not interested in the power struggle for the throne among her siblings. She displays a playful and mischievous nature, often indulging in whimsical actions with little regard for the consequences.


As the second princess of the monster royal family, Liliane has a rich and mysterious background. Her real name is Lillian, but she does not like to be called by that name. In the manga, Liliane is shown to have the ability to resurrect warriors for the royalty using her vassal, while in the anime she uses the flame of life. Her aristocratic upbringing is evident in her demeanor, as she effortlessly delegates tasks to her servants and shows little remorse for the hardships they endure on her behalf.


Liliane’s appearance adds to her allure and fascination. She is portrayed as a young aristocratic woman with a penchant for Gothic fashion. Her clothing exudes elegance and sophistication, reflecting her royal status. With her captivating presence and unique sense of style, Liliane stands out as a visually striking character in the series.


Despite her aristocratic upbringing, Liliane has surprising abilities. While physically as strong as a normal human, she displays a fearlessness when faced with violence. Liliane does not hesitate to use any weapon at her disposal, including unconventional ones such as chainsaws, defibrillators, hammers, and various swords. She does not hesitate to destroy anything in her path to eliminate her enemies. In addition, Liliane demonstrates a willingness to bend the rules to save her servants, showing her compassionate side.


Liliane’s origins remain shrouded in mystery. As the daughter of the King of Monsters, her lineage is of great significance. However, the series does not delve deeply into her background or lineage. This adds an air of intrigue and curiosity to her character, leaving fans eager to learn more about her origins.
In “Kaibutsu Oujo,” Liliane’s complex and multifaceted character makes her a compelling figure. Her unique personality, aristocratic demeanor, striking appearance, impressive abilities, and mysterious origins all contribute to her appeal. Whether playfully engaging in mischief or fearlessly confronting her adversaries, Liliane leaves a lasting impression on her audience.

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Liliane – FAQ

FAQ about Liliane from “Kaibutsu Oujo

Who is Liliane?
Liliane is one of the main characters in the anime and manga series “Kaibutsu Oujo”, also known as “Princess Resurrection”. She is a princess and the daughter of the king of the monster realm.
What are Liliane’s abilities?
Liliane possesses various supernatural abilities due to her heritage as a monster princess. She has superhuman strength, regenerative powers, and the ability to control the creatures of the monster world. She is also skilled in combat and can use a variety of weapons.
How does Liliane interact with people?
Liliane is often accompanied by her loyal servant, Hiro Hiyorimi, who is human. She forms a close bond with Hiro and relies on him for protection and support. While Liliane generally interacts with humans in a friendly manner, her monstrous nature can sometimes lead to unintentional destruction or misunderstanding.
What is Liliane’s goal in Kaibutsu Oujo?
Liliane’s main goal is to regain her position as ruler of the monster realm. To achieve this, she tries to defeat her siblings and other rivals for the throne. As the series progresses, she also develops a desire to protect Hiro and ensure his safety.
Does Liliane have any weaknesses?
Although Liliane possesses formidable powers, she is not invincible. She can be injured by powerful attacks and feel pain like any other creature. In addition, her powers are limited in the presence of certain magical artifacts or when she is in environments that suppress her monster abilities.
What is Liliane’s personality like?
Liliane is portrayed as a strong-willed and determined character. She is often serious and focused on her goals, but she also shows moments of kindness and compassion, especially towards Hiro. She can be stubborn at times, but is willing to make sacrifices for those she cares about.