Meimi Haneoka

Original Name 羽丘芽美
Romaji Name Haneoka Meimi
Nicknames Saint Tail
Series Kaitou Saint Tail
Age 14
Weight N/A
Height N/A
Date of Birth September 29th
Blood Type N/A


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The mysterious thief of “Kaitou Saint Tail


Meimi Haneoka, also known as Saint Tail, has a vibrant and multifaceted personality. She is confident, brave, headstrong, determined, passionate, caring, compassionate, and deeply moral. Meimi has a strong sense of justice and empathy, especially for those who have been wronged. She is driven by a genuine desire to help others and to right the wrongs in the world around her. Despite her thief alter ego, Meimi’s actions are guided by a noble purpose, making her a compelling and complex character.


By day, Meimi is a typical fourteen-year-old student at St. Paulia’s Private School. She leads a seemingly normal life, blending in with her classmates. But as night falls, Meimi’s true nature is revealed as the enigmatic thief, Saint Tail. As Saint Tail, she takes it upon herself to recover stolen items and return them to their rightful owners. Meimi’s transformation into Saint Tail is not only a testament to her resourcefulness and bravery, but also highlights her strong sense of justice and unwavering determination to make a difference.


Meimi Haneoka has striking orange hair and captivating blue eyes. In her civilian form, she is often seen wearing the standard school uniform of St. Paulia’s Private School. However, when she assumes her alter ego as Saint Tail, her appearance changes dramatically. Dressed in a purple and black outfit with a distinctive long ponytail, Meimi takes on an air of mystery and elegance that befits her role as a master thief. Her unique appearance helps her blend seamlessly into the shadows as she carries out her daring escapades.


Unlike traditional magical girls, Meimi Haneoka relies on stage magic and theatrical skills rather than actual magical powers. She uses her expertise in illusion and misdirection to outsmart and confuse her pursuers, ensuring her successful heists. Meimi’s resourcefulness and quick thinking allow her to execute elaborate schemes that leave her enemies baffled and in awe of her cunning. Her abilities as a Saint Tail are not limited to her physical prowess, but also include her keen intellect and creativity, making her an exceptional and formidable thief.

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Meimi Haneoka’s journey as Saint Tail takes place in the fictional world of “Kaitou Saint Tail”. As a student at St. Paulia’s Private School, Meimi discovers her calling to protect the innocent and pursue justice through her alter ego. Inspired by classmate and apprentice nun Seira, Meimi embarks on a path where she uses her wit, magical theatrics, and unwavering determination to right the wrongs committed by others. As she navigates the dual lives of student and thief, Meimi’s encounters with classmate and amateur sleuth Asuka Jr. add a layer of complexity to her story, as their relationship evolves amidst the pursuit of justice and the hunt for Saint Tail.

Meimi Haneoka – FAQ

Who is Meimi Haneoka?

Meimi Haneoka is the main protagonist of the manga and anime series “Kaitou Saint Tail”. She is a 14-year-old junior high school student who leads a double life as a phantom thief and a devout Catholic schoolgirl.

Why does Meimi Haneoka become a phantom thief?

Meimi becomes a phantom thief to carry on the legacy of her mother, who was also a skilled thief known as “Saint Tail”. Meimi believes that by stealing precious items and returning them to their rightful owners, she can bring happiness and justice to those in need.

Does Meimi Haneoka have any special skills?

While Meimi doesn’t have any supernatural powers, she is an exceptional acrobat, skilled in gymnastics and possesses great agility. She is also a master of disguise, able to change her appearance with different costumes and wigs to avoid detection.

Who are Meimi Haneoka’s allies?

Meimi’s main ally is Daiki Asuka, a childhood friend who attends the same school as her. Daiki is aware of Meimi’s secret identity as Saint Tail and assists her in her thieving activities by providing information and creating distractions when needed.

Who is Meimi Haneoka’s main opponent?

Meimi Haneoka’s main antagonist is Asuka Jr., the son of a famous detective and Daiki’s older brother. Asuka Jr. is determined to capture Saint Tail and reveal her true identity. He falls in love with Meimi, but is unaware of her double life.

Does Meimi Haneoka face any challenges in her role as Saint Tail?

Yes, Meimi faces several challenges in her role as Saint Tail. She must constantly avoid detection by Asuka Jr. and other authorities while planning and executing her thefts. In addition, she struggles with the moral dilemma of stealing, as she wants to bring happiness to others but still breaks the law.