Fena Houtman

Original Name フェナ・ハウトマン
Romaji Name Fena Houtman
Nicknames None
Series Kaizoku Oujo
Age Unknown
Weight Unknown
Height Unknown
Date of Birth Unknown
Blood Type Unknown

Fena Houtman – The spirited protagonist of “Kaizoku Oujo

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Fena Houtman, the main character of “Kaizoku Oujo” (also known as “Fena: Pirate Princess”), has a spirited and determined personality. Despite her difficult upbringing, Fena maintains a strong will and refuses to be limited by society’s expectations. She is portrayed as courageous, resourceful, and independent, with a deep sense of justice. Fena’s unwavering determination to uncover the truth about her past and find her place in the world drives her actions throughout the series.


Fena’s background is shrouded in mystery. She begins her journey as an orphan, unaware of her true identity and heritage. Raised on an island where hope seems bleak, Fena dreams of a life beyond servitude and longs for freedom. Her search for answers leads her on a thrilling adventure as she discovers her connection to a legendary pirate treasure and her role as the Pirate Princess.


Fena Houtman has a unique and captivating appearance. Known for her pale skin and striking blue eyes, she stands out from the other characters in the series. Fena’s long, flowing auburn hair adds to her distinctive presence. Her clothing reflects her adventurous spirit, often adorned with a pirate-inspired ensemble that combines elegance with practicality.


Although Fena initially lacks combat experience, she possesses natural athleticism and proves to be a quick learner. Throughout the series, she trains diligently to hone her swordsmanship and combat skills. Fena’s determination and adaptability allow her to face formidable opponents with unwavering resolve. In addition, her leadership skills and ability to inspire loyalty allow her to rally a diverse group of allies to her cause.


“Fena: Pirate Princess” presents a fictional world set in an alternate history version of the 18th century. Fena Houtman’s journey unfolds in this fantastical universe, where she meets an array of colorful characters, treacherous encounters, and thrilling adventures. As the series progresses, Fena’s true origins and the secrets surrounding her past are gradually revealed, adding depth and intrigue to her character.
Fena Houtman is the heart and soul of “Kaizoku Oujo” with her vivacious personality, mysterious background, captivating appearance, growing abilities, and compelling origin. Through her journey, viewers are taken on an epic quest filled with action, emotion, and self-discovery. Fena’s determination to find her place in the world and her unwavering pursuit of freedom make her a compelling and inspiring protagonist in the world of anime.

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Fena Houtman – FAQ

FAQ about Fena Houtman from “Kaizoku Oujo

Who is Fena Houtman?
Fena Houtman is the main protagonist of the anime series “Kaizoku Oujo” (Princess of the Pirates). She is a young orphan girl with a mysterious past who embarks on a journey to discover her origins and find her place in the world.
What is Fena’s goal in Kaizoku Oujo?
Fena’s ultimate goal is to discover the truth about her family and her heritage. Along the way, she becomes entangled in the world of pirates and tries to find her own identity and purpose in life.
What are Fena’s traits and personality?
Fena is a determined and resilient young woman. She has a strong sense of justice and compassion, often putting the welfare of others before her own. Fena is also fiercely independent and shows great courage in the face of adversity.
How does Fena’s journey unfold in the series?
Fena’s journey in Kaizoku Oujo is filled with exciting adventures and unexpected discoveries. She sets sail with a group of loyal friends and encounters numerous challenges, including rival pirates, ancient secrets, and personal revelations that will shape her destiny.
Are there any major supporting characters in Fena’s story?
Yes, Fena is accompanied by a number of supporting characters who play an important role in her journey. These characters include Yukimaru, a swordsman and Fena’s loyal protector, and Karin, a skilled mechanic and engineer who provides Fena with her technical expertise.
Is Kaizoku Oujo set in a specific time or place?
“Kaizoku Oujo” takes place in an alternate historical setting inspired by the 18th century. The story unfolds against the backdrop of a world full of pirates, hidden treasures, and political intrigue.
Is Kaizoku Oujo suitable for all audiences?
“Kaizoku Oujo” is generally suitable for a wide range of audiences, including both teenagers and adults. However, it may contain elements of violence, mild language, and intense scenes, so parental guidance is recommended for younger viewers.