Twenty-Fifth Bam

Original Name (Japanese) ス물다섯번째 밤
Romaji Name Seumul-daseot-banjjae Bam
Nicknames Jyu Viole Grace
Series Kami no Tou
Age Varies throughout the series
Weight Varies throughout the series
Height Varies throughout the series
Date of Birth Unknown
Blood Type Unknown

Twenty-fifth Bam of “Kami no Tou”: An enigmatic protagonist


Twenty-Fifth Bam, also known as Jyu Viole Grace, is the protagonist of the webtoon and anime series “Kami no Tou” or “Tower of God”. Bam has a gentle and innocent nature due to his isolated upbringing. Despite his lack of knowledge of the outside world, Bam is driven by a strong determination to find his best friend, Rachel.


Bam’s background is shrouded in mystery. He spent years in isolation in a cave beneath the Tower, with Rachel being the only person who cared for him. Motivated by his deep bond with Rachel, Bam enters the Tower in search of her. Little is known about his past before he meets Rachel, which adds an air of intrigue to his character.


Bam’s appearance reflects his youth and naivete. He has dark hair and striking blue eyes that captivate those around him. Throughout the series, Bam undergoes various transformations and power-ups, each accompanied by a change in his appearance. These changes serve as physical representations of his growth and development as a character.


As an Irregular, Bam possesses unique abilities that set him apart from other Tower residents. At first, his powers are not fully realized, but as he progresses through the Tower, his abilities and potential become more apparent. Bam’s abilities include the manipulation and control of Shinsoo, the Tower’s primary energy source, as well as the acquisition of various powerful techniques and forms.


Bam’s status as an Irregular makes him an exceptional being within the Tower. Irregulars are individuals who have not been chosen by the Tower, but have entered it from the outside. Their presence disrupts the established order and norms of the Tower. Bam’s arrival heralds significant changes and challenges within the Tower’s structure, making him a central figure in the story’s narrative.
In “Kami no Tou,” Twenty-Fifth Bam emerges as a complex and enigmatic protagonist. His gentle nature, mysterious background, evolving appearance, unique abilities, and status as an Irregular all contribute to his compelling character arc. As the story unfolds, Bam’s journey through the Tower continues to captivate audiences, leaving them eagerly anticipating his next steps and revelations.

Twenty-Fifth Bam – FAQ

Who is Twenty-Fifth Bam?

Twenty-Fifth Bam is the main protagonist of the webtoon “Kami no Tou” (Tower of God). He is a young boy who enters the mysterious tower in search of his friend Rachel. Bam possesses unique powers and has a strong determination to climb the tower.

What are Bam’s powers?

Bam possesses the power of Shinsoo, a mysterious substance that flows throughout the Tower. He has the ability to manipulate and control Shinsoo, allowing him to perform various supernatural feats such as creating barriers, launching powerful attacks, and even healing injuries.

What is the relationship between Bam and Rachel?

Bam has a deep emotional bond with Rachel. She was the only person he knew before he entered the Tower, and he considers her his closest friend. Bam’s primary motivation for climbing the Tower is to reunite with Rachel, as he is determined to follow her no matter what challenges he faces.

How does Bam’s character develop over the course of the story?

Throughout the story, Bam undergoes significant character development. Initially portrayed as naive and dependent on Rachel, he gradually becomes more independent and begins to question his own identity and purpose. As he faces numerous trials and encounters different characters in the Tower, Bam grows stronger both physically and mentally.

Who are Bam’s allies?

Bam forms many alliances and friendships as he climbs the tower. Some of his notable allies include Khun Aguero Agnis, a strategic and intelligent ally; Rak Wraithraiser, a powerful and loyal companion; and Androssi Zahard, a skilled and ambitious princess of the Zahard royal family.

What are Bam’s goals in climbing the Tower?

Bam’s initial goal in climbing the Tower is to be reunited with Rachel. However, as the story progresses, his motivations evolve. He begins to question the true nature of the Tower and his own identity, and his goal shifts to uncovering the secrets of the Tower and finding his place within it. He also seeks to protect his friends and challenge the oppressive hierarchy that rules the Tower.