Loki Laevatein

Japanese Name ロキ・レーヴァテイン
Romaji Name Loki Laevatein
Nicknames N/A
Series Kamigami no Asobi
Age N/A
Weight 58kg
Height 176cm
Date of Birth October 24
Blood Type AB
Special Skill Handicraft
Hobby Playing pranks
Occupation President of Home Club
Favorite Food Candy
Least Favorite Food Fish


Loki Laevatein, a character from the anime “Kamigami no Asobi”, has a distinct and multifaceted personality. He is known for his mischievous nature and is considered a born prankster. Loki is skilled at making weapons and has a penchant for playing pranks on others. Despite his laziness in most aspects of life, he shows unwavering enthusiasm for things that pique his interest. Loki’s behavior is characterized by unpredictability, and he often maintains a playful demeanor. He possesses a smile that can be both forgiving and mischievous, making it difficult to discern his true feelings. While Loki initially dislikes humans because of their perceived weakness, his perspective changes as he comes to respect the protagonist, Yui, for her tireless efforts on his behalf.

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Loki Laevatein, the Norse god of fire, is from Asgard. He has a reputation as a notorious troublemaker, which has led to him being shunned and hated by many. However, Loki finds solace in his friendship with Balder, who is the only one to befriend him despite his mischievous nature. Along with Thor, Loki forms a tight-knit trio of childhood friends. Some of Loki’s fondest memories include watching the Northern Lights with Thor, and walking through the snow in the cold realm of Asgard.


Loki Laevatein has distinctive physical features that contribute to his captivating presence. He has long red hair and striking blue eyes that draw the attention of those around him. Standing at a height of 176cm, Loki has a lean and agile build. His wardrobe often consists of a white shirt and purple pants, reflecting his unique sense of style.


As the Norse God of Fire, Loki possesses formidable skills and abilities. He excels in the art of weaponry, demonstrating a talent for creating intricate and powerful armor. Loki’s expertise in weaponry complements his mischievous nature, giving him the means to wreak havoc when he chooses. He is also known to carry a bag of candy, which serves as a symbol of his playful and carefree nature.


Loki Laevatein’s name is inspired by his sword, Laevatein, which has mythical significance. In Norse mythology, Lævateinn is a weapon forged by Loki and is mentioned in the Eddic poem Fjölsvinnsmál. The name “Laevatein” itself does not appear in traditional Norse mythology, but was incorporated into Loki’s character design in “Kamigami no Asobi”.
In the anime “Kamigami no Asobi,” Loki Laevatein’s character undergoes significant development as he navigates his relationships with the other gods and the protagonist, Yui. His mischievous personality, unique abilities, and complex background contribute to his intriguing and dynamic presence in the series.

Loki Laevatein – FAQ

Who is Loki Laevatein in “Kamigami no Asobi”?

Loki Laevatein is a character in the visual novel and otome game Kamigami no Asobi. He is based on the Norse god Loki, who is known for his trickery and mischief. In the game, Loki is one of the gods summoned to the human world to attend a special school and learn about human emotions.

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What are Loki Laevatein’s personality traits?

Loki is portrayed as mischievous, playful, and cunning. He enjoys teasing others and often engages in practical jokes. He has a charismatic and charming personality, which makes him popular with the students. However, Loki also has a complex and somewhat mysterious nature, hiding his true intentions behind his friendly facade.

What is Loki Laevatein’s role in “Kamigami no Asobi”?

In the game, Loki serves as one of the potential love interests for the female protagonist. Players have the opportunity to interact with Loki and develop a romantic relationship with him as part of the game’s storyline. Loki’s journey explores his personal growth and the challenges he faces in understanding human emotions.

What special abilities does Loki Laevatein have?

Loki possesses several special abilities derived from his mythological background. He is skilled in magic and illusion, allowing him to manipulate his appearance and deceive others. Loki also has a deep understanding of human psychology, which he uses to his advantage in both practical jokes and emotional manipulation.

What is Loki Laevatein’s relationship to other characters in “Kamigami no Asobi”?

Loki has a complex relationship with the other gods in the game. He often interacts with the protagonist and other love interests, engaging in playful banter and forming unique relationships. Loki’s interactions with characters such as Balder, Thor, and Apollon are particularly significant as they explore themes of rivalry, friendship, and redemption.

Will Loki Laevatein undergo character development in “Kamigami no Asobi”?

Yes, Loki undergoes significant character development throughout the game. As the story progresses, players will have the opportunity to delve into Loki’s past, understand his motivations, and witness his growth. The choices the player makes will influence the direction of Loki’s character arc, allowing for multiple endings based on the player’s choices.