Rika Hoshizaki

Japanese Name 星崎 理香
Romaji Name Hoshizaki Rika
Nicknames Mirika
Series Kanojo mo Kanojo
Age First year high school student
Weight N/A
Height N/A
Date of Birth August 1
Blood Type N/A


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A vivid character from “Kanojo mo Kanojo”


Rika Hoshizaki, also known as Mirika, is a lively character from the anime and manga series “Kanojo mo Kanojo”. She is portrayed as a freshman in high school with a persistent and grateful nature. Rika is popular with boys and exudes a confident and tsundere personality. She is shown to be persistent in pursuing her goals and is known for her achievements and popularity. Despite her arrogant attitude, Rika also shows moments of gratitude and sincerity.


Not much is known about Rika’s background, as the focus of the series is primarily on her present experiences. However, it is revealed that she attends the same high school as the protagonist, Naoya, and his girlfriend, Saki. Rika’s popularity with the boys and her presence as a MeTube content creator add depth to her character.


Rika Hoshizaki is portrayed as an attractive young girl with a distinctive appearance. She has blonde-yellow hair that is pulled back in two tails, giving her a playful and youthful look. Her physical appearance, combined with her confident and outgoing personality, contributes to her popularity among the boys in the series.


While Rika’s specific skills are not explicitly mentioned in the available sources, her popularity as a MeTube content creator suggests some level of skill in entertaining and engaging her audience. Rika’s ability to gain a significant following on her channel demonstrates her ability to create content that resonates with viewers and contributes to her overall popularity.

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Rika Hoshizaki is from the anime and manga series “Kanojo mo Kanojo”. Created by Hiroyuki, the series follows the complex relationships and romantic entanglements of its main characters. Rika’s character serves as a prominent supporting role, adding depth and variety to the narrative. Her confident personality and popularity contribute to the overall dynamics and conflicts within the story.

Rika Hoshizaki – FAQ

Who is Rika Hoshizaki?

Rika Hoshizaki is a character from the manga and anime series “Kanojo mo Kanojo” (also known as “Girlfriend, Girlfriend”). She is one of the main female characters of the series.

What is Rika’s personality like?

Rika is portrayed as a confident and straightforward girl. She is known to be bold and assertive in expressing her feelings. Rika is also shown to be quite possessive and determined when it comes to pursuing her romantic interests.

What is Rika’s role in the story?

Rika plays an important role in the story as one of the love interests of the main character, Naoya Mukai. She becomes Naoya’s second girlfriend after Naoya’s childhood friend Saki Saki. Rika’s involvement in the story creates a complex love triangle dynamic.

What are Rika’s hobbies and interests?

Rika is an avid gamer and enjoys playing video games. She is particularly good at competitive multiplayer games and often spends her free time playing. Rika is also interested in fashion and has a sense of style that she is proud of.

How does Rika contribute to the relationships in the series?

Rika brings a unique dynamic to the relationships in “Kanojo mo Kanojo”. Her assertive and direct nature adds a level of excitement and intensity to the romantic interactions. She actively pursues her desires and challenges the other characters to confront their feelings.

Does Rika have any notable personality traits?

A notable trait of Rika’s is her unwavering determination. When Rika sets her sights on something or someone she wants, she will go to great lengths to achieve her goals. She is also known to be quite competitive and does not shy away from challenges.