Ayu Tsukimiya

Japanese Name 月宮 あゆ
Romaji Name Tsukimiya Ayu
Nicknames Ayu Ayu
Series Kanon
Age 17
Weight 41 kg
Height 154 cm
Date of Birth January 7, 1982
Blood Type AB

Ayu Tsukimiya of Kanon: A mysterious and enigmatic character

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Ayu Tsukimiya, a main character in the visual novel and anime series Kanon, is portrayed as a rather small and energetic girl with a childlike appearance. She has a unique and mysterious personality that captivates both the protagonist and the audience. Ayu is known for her energetic and whimsical behavior, often expressing her frustration with the catchphrase “uguu”. Despite her playful demeanor, Ayu harbors a deeper emotional side, making her a complex and intriguing character.


In Kanon, Ayu Tsukimiya’s backstory is revealed as the story progresses. Seven years before the main events of the story, Ayu fell out of a tree and suffered a head injury on the day that Yuichi, the protagonist, was leaving town. Initially believing that Ayu had died, Yuichi later discovers that she has been in a coma for the past seven years. The Ayu he encounters throughout the story is actually an astral projection of her consciousness. Over the course of the series, Ayu eventually awakens from her coma, leading to significant developments in her character arc.


Ayu Tsukimiya has distinct physical features that contribute to her recognizable appearance. She has a childlike stature, a red headband, and a winged backpack that serves as one of her distinguishing features. With her red eyes and brown hair, Ayu’s appearance complements her playful and enigmatic personality. Standing 154 cm tall and weighing 41 kg, she exudes a sense of innocence and charm that captivates those around her.


While Ayu Tsukimiya does not possess any supernatural abilities, her character is defined by her resilience and determination. Despite the challenges she faces, Ayu displays emotional strength and an indomitable spirit. Her ability to endure a seven-year coma and eventually awaken demonstrates her inner resilience. In addition, Ayu’s connection to Yuichi and her deep emotional bond with him allow her to play a significant role in the narrative, influencing the development of their relationship and the overall plot.


Ayu Tsukimiya originates from the visual novel game Kanon, created by Japanese game developer Key. The game was first released in 1999, and its success led to numerous adaptations, including anime, manga, and light novels. Ayu’s character, along with her distinctive appearance and personality, has become one of the most iconic and popular characters in the Kanon franchise. Through her portrayal in various media, Ayu has gained a dedicated fan base and continues to be remembered as a memorable and enigmatic character within the visual novel and anime genres.

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Ayu Tsukimiya – FAQ

Who is Ayu Tsukimiya?

Ayu Tsukimiya is a fictional character from the visual novel and anime series “Kanon”. She is one of the main heroines and a central character in the story.

What is Ayu’s role in Kanon?

Ayu serves as one of the main love interests for the protagonist of Kanon. Her story arc explores themes of friendship, love, and personal growth.

What does Ayu Tsukimiya look like?

Ayu is depicted as a young girl with short silver hair and large brown eyes. She is often seen wearing a distinctive red backpack and a winged backpack charm.

What is Ayu’s personality like?

Ayu is portrayed as energetic, happy, and childlike. She has a penchant for saying “uguu,” which has become one of her signature catchphrases. Despite her playful demeanor, Ayu also harbors a deep sadness and has a complex backstory.

What is Ayu’s backstory?

Ayu’s backstory is a crucial part of her character arc in Kanon. Without giving too much away, her past is intertwined with the supernatural elements of the story and will be revealed as the story unfolds.

Are there any memorable moments involving Ayu in “Kanon”?

Yes, Ayu has several memorable moments in Kanon. One of the most iconic scenes involves her love for taiyaki, a traditional Japanese fish-shaped cake. Another significant moment is when her relationship with the protagonist reaches a turning point, leading to emotional and heartfelt scenes.

Does Ayu have any special abilities?

Yes, Ayu has certain supernatural abilities that are integral to the plot of Kanon. However, revealing the specifics would be spoiler territory for those who haven’t experienced the story.