Japanese Name 愛宕
Romaji Name Atago
Series Kantai Collection: KanColle
Date of Birth
Blood Type

Atago from “Kantai Collection: KanColle”

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Atago, a character from the popular anime and game series “Kantai Collection: KanColle,” is known for her vibrant and confident personality. She exudes a sense of elegance and grace, often displaying a mature and sophisticated demeanor. Atago is portrayed as caring for her fellow shipgirls, always ready to offer support and guidance when needed. Despite her calm exterior, she can be quite mischievous at times, and enjoys teasing her friends and engaging in playful banter.


In the world of “Kantai Collection: KanColle,” Atago is a heavy cruiser that served in the Imperial Japanese Navy during World War II. She is a member of the Takao class of cruisers and played an important role in various naval operations. Atago’s character design is based on the real Japanese cruiser Atago, which was active during the war. The anime and game series reimagines historical naval vessels as anthropomorphic characters known as Shipgirls, who possess unique personalities and abilities.


Atago is depicted as a beautiful young woman with long, flowing hair and captivating blue eyes. Her design incorporates elements inspired by her naval origins, including her outfit, which resembles a stylish naval uniform. She wears a white dress with blue accents and a red tie with gold trim. Atago also carries a pair of binoculars, symbolizing her role as a scout and lookout on the battlefield. Her overall appearance exudes elegance and sophistication.


As a sailor, Atago possesses formidable combat skills. She excels in naval warfare, using her heavy cruiser arsenal to devastating effect. Known for her exceptional speed and maneuverability, Atago is able to outmaneuver her opponents and deliver swift and decisive strikes. She also possesses advanced naval tactics and strategic acumen, making her a valuable asset in battle. Atago’s skills and abilities make her a prominent and respected figure in the world of “Kantai Collection: KanColle”.


Atago’s origin as a character lies in the real Japanese cruiser Atago. The Takao-class cruiser served during World War II and participated in numerous naval battles. The ship was named after Mount Atago, a sacred mountain in Kyoto, Japan. In “Kantai Collection: KanColle,” the ship Atago is personified as a shipgirl, incorporating her historical background and characteristics into her animated counterpart. Atago’s portrayal in the series pays homage to the real ship and adds a unique twist to her story.

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Atago – FAQ

What is Atago in “Kantai Collection: KanColle”?

Atago is a character in the popular browser game “Kantai Collection: KanColle”. She is a heavy cruiser and belongs to the Takao class, which consists of four ships: Takao, Atago, Maya, and Chokai. Atago is known for her elegance, charisma, and striking appearance.

What are Atago’s main characteristics and abilities?

Atago is characterized by her high firepower, impressive torpedo armament, and decent anti-aircraft capabilities. She has good armor protection and excellent maneuverability, making her a versatile and formidable ship in battle. In addition, the Atago has a unique skill called “Burning Love,” which increases the firepower of the fleet while reducing its own damage.

How do I get Atago in “Kantai Collection: KanColle”?

Obtaining Atago in Kantai Collection: KanColle” typically involves a construction process known as “building” or “constructing”. Players can spend resources such as resources, fuel, and ammunition to build new ships. Atago can be built by meeting certain construction requirements or through special events and campaigns.

What are some recommended equipment setups for Atago?

When equipping Atago in “Kantai Collection: KanColle, it is advisable to equip her with powerful main guns and torpedo launchers to maximize her offensive capabilities. Additionally, equipping it with anti-aircraft guns can help improve its anti-air defenses. Specific equipment setups may vary depending on player strategy and fleet composition.

Can Atago be modified or upgraded?

Yes, Atago can be modified or upgraded in “Kantai Collection: KanColle”. By meeting certain requirements and consuming certain resources, players can remodel Atago into its more advanced form, known as “Kai” or “Kai Ni”. Remodeling typically increases the ship’s stats, provides additional equipment slots, and may unlock new abilities and features.

Is Atago based on an actual historical ship?

Yes, the Atago in Kantai Collection: KanColle” is based on a real historical ship. The actual Atago was a Takao-class heavy cruiser of the Imperial Japanese Navy during World War II. It was named after Mount Atago in Kyoto, Japan. The ship played a significant role in several naval battles and operations before being sunk during the Battle of Leyte Gulf in 1944.