Anju Maaka

Original Name 真紅 杏樹
Romaji Name Maaka Anju
Nicknames None
Series Karin
Age Unknown
Weight Unknown
Height Unknown
Date of Birth Unknown
Blood Type Unknown


Anju Maaka, a character from the anime and manga series “Karin”, has a unique and fascinating personality. She is portrayed as Karin Maaka’s younger sister and has a deep affection for her sibling. Anju’s love for Karin is unwavering, and she would do anything to protect her from harm. Despite Karin’s clumsiness and perceived shortcomings, Anju adores her.
Anju is characterized as reserved, speaking softly and often exhibiting a quiet demeanor. She is often seen wearing a gothic Lolita outfit, which adds to her mysterious and enchanting presence. Anju has a special affinity for collecting dolls, her favorite being Boogie-kun. Though not fully awakened as a vampire, Anju has exceptional control over bats, demonstrating her unique abilities even in her current state.

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Anju Maaka’s background in the “Karin” series is closely intertwined with the story of her sister Karin. As Karin’s younger sister, Anju shares a family lineage of vampires. The Maaka family hides a secret about Karin’s unique condition, in which she experiences reverse vampirism, producing excess blood rather than needing to consume it. Anju, however, has not yet experienced the full vampire awakening that Karin has.
Throughout the series, Anju’s role revolves around supporting Karin and ensuring her safety. Her deep love and devotion to her sister is evident as she becomes a pillar of emotional support for Karin during her struggles. Anju’s background will be further explored as the series delves into the complexities of the Maaka family and the challenges they face.


Anju Maaka has a distinctive appearance in the “Karin” series. Often seen in a gothic Lolita outfit, she exudes an air of elegance and mystery. Anju’s choice of clothing reflects her reserved nature and adds to her overall allure. With her quiet demeanor and unique fashion sense, she stands out among the characters in the series.
Anju’s appearance is further enhanced by her choice of accessories and distinctive features. She carries around her beloved doll, Boogie-kun, who serves as her trusted companion. This addition to her appearance emphasizes her love of collecting dolls and adds to her enigmatic presence.


Despite not fully awakening as a vampire, Anju Maaka possesses remarkable abilities in the “Karin” series. Her most notable talent is her incredible control over bats, demonstrating her affinity for these creatures. Even without undergoing the full vampire transformation, Anju’s mastery of bats allows her to demonstrate her strength and resourcefulness.
Anju’s ability to manipulate bats gives her an advantage in many situations. She can use them for surveillance, defense, or even as a distraction. This power, coupled with her devotion to protecting her loved ones, positions Anju as a formidable character in the series.


Anju Maaka originates from the anime and manga series “Karin”, also known as “Chibi Vampire”. Created by Yuna Kagesaki, the series revolves around the life of Karin Maaka, a teenage girl who experiences reverse vampirism. As Karin’s younger sister, Anju plays a major role in the story, providing unwavering support and protection.
The story of “Karin” explores the complexities of the Maaka family and the challenges they face due to their vampire heritage. Anju’s origins lie in this complicated family dynamic and her interactions with Karin. The series delves into their relationship, exploring Anju’s personality, background, appearance, abilities, and the pivotal role she plays in Karin’s life.

Anju Maaka – FAQ

Who is Anju Maaka?

Anju Maaka is a fictional character from the manga and anime series “Karin”, also known as “Chibi Vampire”. She is one of the main characters and plays an important role in the story.

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What is Anju Maaka’s role in “Karin”?

Anju Maaka is a vampire and a member of the Maaka family, known for their long history of vampirism. She serves as a supporting character and plays a crucial role in assisting the protagonist, Karin Maaka, who is her younger sister.

What are Anju Maaka’s abilities?

Anju has several vampire abilities, including enhanced senses, strength, and agility. She can also turn into a bat and control bats to use for various purposes. In addition, Anju has the power to manipulate others’ memories and erase certain events from their minds.

What is Anju Maaka’s personality like?

Anju is typically quiet, calm, and mature for her age. She is often seen as the voice of reason among the characters and acts as an advisor to her younger sister, Karin. Anju is loyal, protective, and cares deeply for her family, often putting their well-being before her own.

What is the relationship between Anju Maaka and Karin?

Anju and Karin share a strong bond as sisters. Despite being a vampire herself, Anju supports and cares for Karin, who is a unique vampire known as a reverse vampire. Anju helps Karin control her bloodlust and keep her secret from others.

Does Anju Maaka have any weaknesses?

Like other vampires, Anju is vulnerable to sunlight, which weakens and burns her skin. To protect herself, she wears a parasol or stays indoors during the day. Additionally, like most vampires in the series, Anju is unable to enter churches or other sacred places.

Are there any romantic relationships in which Anju Maaka is involved?

In “Karin,” Anju’s primary focus is on her family and protecting her loved ones. While there are no significant romantic relationships involving Anju, she does show concern and care for other characters, especially her siblings.