Japanese Name とがめ
Romaji Name Togame
Nicknames (None)
Series Katanagatari
Age (Unknown)
Weight (Unknown)
Height (Unknown)
Date of Birth (Unknown)
Blood Type (Unknown)


The protagonist of Katanagatari.


Togame, the female protagonist of the Katanagatari anime and light novel series, is a self-proclaimed “strategist” who works for the Shogunate. She possesses a strong will and displays exceptional mental abilities. Though physically weak, Togame compensates with her sharp intellect and strategic thinking. However, she is not immune to lapses in judgment and moments of clumsiness. Despite her shortcomings, Togame retains a determined and ambitious nature, always striving to achieve her goals.


A descendant of a fallen feudal lord, Togame is the daughter of the Lord of Oushuu, Hida Takahito. Her backstory adds depth to her character, as her past influences her actions and motivations throughout the series. Togame’s affiliation with the Shogunate and her role as a strategist reflect her commitment to serving her country and seeking justice.


Togame’s physical appearance is characterized by her petite stature and long, white hair. She is often seen wearing colorful clothing, which is believed to serve as a reminder of her identity and purpose. Togame’s striking white hair is a striking feature that attracts the curiosity of those around her. She also has a special eye that transforms into a snake-like appearance when she is scheming or driven by ambition.


While Togame may lack physical strength, her mental abilities make her a formidable character. Her strategic thinking and tactical acumen allow her to navigate complex situations and devise effective plans. Togame’s intelligence allows her to analyze her opponents and anticipate their moves, often staying one step ahead. It is important to note, however, that her mental superiority does not exempt her from occasional miscalculations and mistakes.


Togame’s journey is closely tied to the events and conflicts depicted in Katanagatari. As a key player in the Shogunate’s quest to collect the twelve legendary swords known as the Deviant Blades, Togame embarks on a dangerous adventure alongside the protagonist, Shichika Yasuri. Together, they face numerous challenges and encounter a diverse cast of characters, each with their own motivations and agendas. Togame’s background as a strategist for the Shogunate shapes her role in the story and drives the narrative.

Togame – FAQ

Who is Togame in “Katanagatari”?

Togame is one of the main characters in the anime and light novel series “Katanagatari”. She is a strategist and princess of the Shogunate who hires the protagonist, Yasuri Shichika, to help her collect the twelve legendary swords known as the Deviant Blades.

What are Togame’s motivations in Katanagatari?

Togame’s main motivation in Katanagatari is to collect the Deviant Blades in order to consolidate the power of the Shogunate and maintain peace in the country. She believes that by collecting these powerful swords, she can prevent them from falling into the wrong hands and potentially causing chaos.

How would you describe Togame’s personality?

Togame is portrayed as intelligent, ambitious, and driven. She is a skilled strategist and uses her intelligence to devise plans and strategies to achieve her goals. She can be manipulative at times, but also shows moments of vulnerability and compassion.

What is Togame’s relationship to Yasuri Shichika?

Togame hires Yasuri Shichika as her sword and traveling companion to help her collect the Deviant Blades. At first, their relationship is purely professional, but as their journey continues, they develop a deep bond and mutual understanding. Their relationship evolves into a complex mix of trust, friendship, and romantic feelings.

Does Togame have any special abilities?

Togame does not possess supernatural abilities or martial arts skills like some of the other characters in Katanagatari. However, her intelligence, wit, and strategic thinking make her a formidable opponent in the game of political maneuvering and manipulation.

Does Togame undergo character development throughout the series?

Yes, Togame undergoes significant character development throughout Katanagatari. As the story progresses, she learns to trust others and becomes more empathetic. Her experiences and interactions with Yasuri Shichika and other characters shape her perspective and cause her to question her initial motivations. This leads to a deeper understanding of herself and her place in the world.