Mona Narumi

Original Name (Japanese): 成海 萌奈
Romaji Name: Narumi Mona
Nicknames: mona
Series: Confession Executive Committee
Age: 15 – 17
Weight: Unknown
Height: 160 cm (5’3″)
Date of Birth: April 24 (Taurus)
Blood Type: AB


Mona Narumi is described as having a relaxed and rather stoic demeanor, with a quiet face that gives her a calm and collected appearance. However, she is also capable of becoming more expressive when the situation calls for it. As a teen idol, Mona is driven and determined to succeed in her career.


Mona Narumi is the younger sister of Sena Narumi and a character in the Confession Executive Committee series. She serves as a main character in the Idol series, but made her debut as a secondary character in the Love series. Mona is a professional solo idol and a freshman at Misuzu High School.

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Mona has short blonde hair in a bob and blue eyes. Her physical appearance is described as petite, standing at 160 cm (5’3″) tall.


As a professional idol, Mona likely possesses skills in singing, dancing, and acting. Her status as a main character in the Idol series suggests that she is talented and dedicated to her craft.


Mona Narumi is a fictional character created for the Confession Executive Committee multimedia franchise, which includes light novels, anime, and other media. She was likely created to be an appealing and relatable idol character within the series’ narrative.

Mona Narumi – FAQ

Here are 6-8 FAQs about Mona Narumi from “Kawaiku Naritai”:

Who is Mona Narumi?

Mona Narumi is the main character of the anime/manga series “Kawaiku Naritai”. She is a high school student who tries to become “kawaii” (cute) to attract the attention of her crush. Mona is portrayed as a serious and determined young woman who is willing to go to great lengths to achieve her goal of becoming cuter.

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What is Mona’s personality like?

Mona is serious, hardworking, and determined in her quest to become more attractive and “kawaii”. She can be socially awkward and insecure at times, but her determination and optimism often allow her to overcome these challenges. Mona is also shown to be loyal and caring to her friends, even if she is sometimes overly focused on her own goals.

What are Mona’s hobbies and interests?

Mona’s main interest is learning how to be “kawaii” by studying fashion, makeup, and various cute mannerisms. She can often be found reading magazines, watching tutorials, or practicing different poses and expressions. Mona also enjoys spending time with her close friends, who often give her advice and support in her quest to become cuter.

Does Mona have a love interest in the series?

Yes, Mona has a long-standing crush on her classmate Hiroshi Tanaka. Much of the show’s romantic subplot revolves around Mona’s attempts to get Hiroshi to notice her and hopefully develop feelings for her in return. However, Hiroshi is often oblivious to Mona’s advances, leading to comedic and heartwarming moments throughout the story.

How does Mona’s journey of self-improvement unfold?

Throughout the series, Mona undergoes a gradual transformation as she learns to embrace her natural charm and personality instead of focusing solely on appearances. While maintaining her goal of becoming “kawaii,” Mona also grows in confidence and self-acceptance, realizing that true beauty comes from within. Her journey is filled with ups and downs, but ultimately results in Mona becoming a more well-rounded and confident individual.

What is the overall theme or message of “Kawaiku Naritai”?

The series explores themes of self-acceptance, the pursuit of personal goals, and the importance of friendship and support. While Mona’s initial goal may seem superficial, the story ultimately encourages viewers to embrace their unique qualities and find fulfillment in being true to themselves, rather than constantly striving to conform to societal expectations of beauty or “cuteness.