Humboldt Penguin

Original Name (Japanese): フムボルトペンギン
Romaji Name: Fumuboruto Pengin
Nicknames: Hululu
Series: Kemono Friends
Age: Unknown
Weight: Unknown
Height: Unknown
Date of Birth: Unknown
Blood Type: Unknown

Humboldt Penguin “Hululu


The Humboldt Penguin, known as “Hululu” in the Kemono Friends anime series, is portrayed as a cheerful and playful penguin character. She is curious and friendly, and is often seen interacting with the other animal characters in a light-hearted manner. Hululu’s personality is characterized by her enthusiasm and eagerness to explore the world around her.

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In the Kemono Friends series, the Humboldt Penguin is one of the many animal characters that live in Japari Park. As a supporting character, Hululu appears in both the original Kemono Friends anime series and its sequel, Kemono Friends 2. Her role in the series is to interact with the main characters and contribute to the overall narrative.


The Humboldt Penguin is depicted with the distinctive physical features of her species, including a black back, white belly, and yellow-orange beak and feet. Her design in the Kemono Friends anime series retains these natural features while incorporating the series’ distinctive anthropomorphic style, giving Hululu a cute and approachable appearance.


As a penguin, Hululu’s abilities are primarily related to her aquatic nature. She is adept at swimming and diving, allowing her to navigate the waterways of Japari Park with ease. In addition, she may possess skills and knowledge common to penguins, such as environmental adaptation and social behavior.


The Humboldt Penguin “Hululu” is an original character created for the Kemono Friends franchise. While the Humboldt Penguin is a real species of penguin found in South America, Hululu’s character and role in the Kemono Friends universe are unique to the anime and related media.

Humboldt Penguin – FAQ

Here are 6-8 FAQs about the Humboldt Penguin from “Kemono Friends”:

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What is the Humboldt Penguin?

The Humboldt Penguin is a species of penguin native to the coasts of Peru and Chile. In the anime series “Kemono Friends”, the Humboldt Penguin is portrayed as a female character who is friendly, curious and loves to swim.

What are some key facts about the Humboldt Penguin character?

The Humboldt Penguin character is known for her light blue and white coloring and signature beret hat. He is a member of the penguin ecosystem and is often seen interacting with the other penguin characters in the series. The Humboldt Penguin is generally portrayed as a happy and energetic friend to the other Kemono Friends.

How does the Humboldt Penguin’s personality differ from the other penguin characters?

Compared to more serious or reserved penguin characters such as the Emperor Penguin, the Humboldt Penguin is known for being more playful, curious and outgoing. Often portrayed as the “class clown” of the penguin group, the Humboldt Penguin enjoys cracking jokes and engaging in fun activities with his friends.

What is the Humboldt Penguin’s role in the Kemono Friends story?

The Humboldt Penguin is a supporting character in the Kemono Friends series, and is not usually a central figure in the main plot. However, she often plays an important role in providing comic relief and positive energy to the group, and can be counted on to lift the spirits of her friends when they are feeling down.

Does the Humboldt Penguin have any special abilities or skills?

As a penguin character, the Humboldt Penguin can swim and navigate through water. It is also depicted as being agile and quick on its feet, which allows it to participate in various athletic activities and games with the other Kemono Friends.

How popular is the Humboldt Penguin character among Kemono Friends fans?

The Humboldt Penguin is a relatively popular character among fans of the Kemono Friends series, especially because of her fun-loving personality and adorable design. Although she is not one of the most central or iconic Kemono Friends, she has developed a loyal following among fans who appreciate her positive energy and contributions to the overall story.