Japanese Name サーバル
Romaji Name Serval
Nicknames None
Series Kemono Friends
Age Not specified
Weight Not specified
Height Not specified
Date of Birth Not specified
Blood Type Not specified


Serval, a character from the anime series “Kemono Friends”, is known for her energetic and curious personality. She is portrayed as an enthusiastic and friendly friend, always eager to embark on adventures and explore the world around her. Serval is particularly fascinated by the unique skills and talents of her fellow Friends, as well as the human protagonist, Kaban, whom she accompanies on a journey of self-discovery.

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Serval is a serval cat Friend originally from the savannah area of Japari Park, a fictional wildlife park filled with anthropomorphic animal characters. In the series, Japari Park serves as a refuge for Friends, who are humanoid animals with distinct characteristics and abilities. Serval is the first Friend Kaban encounters in her search for identity, and she becomes an important companion throughout her journey.


Serval’s appearance in “Kemono Friends” reflects her real-life counterpart, the serval cat. She is depicted as a small, slender girl with golden-brown fur with black spots, typical of serval cats. Serval’s design incorporates features such as large, rounded ears and a long, graceful tail that evoke the serval’s distinctive physical attributes. Their character design captures the essence of the Serval’s wild and agile nature.


While Serval’s specific abilities may vary within the context of the Kemono Friends universe, she possesses traits and abilities inspired by the real-life serval cat. Servals are known for their remarkable agility and jumping ability. Similarly, Serval demonstrates her agility in the series, able to leap and maneuver through various terrains with ease. Their sharp senses and keen instincts also contribute to their ability to navigate and adapt to different environments.


Serval originated in the fictional world of Kemono Friends. Created as a character for the anime series, Serval represents the serval cat species within the anthropomorphic animal universe of Japari Park. Her role as the first friend Kaban meets and her subsequent journey alongside the human protagonist contribute to the overarching story and themes of friendship, self-discovery, and adventure explored in the series.

Serval – FAQ

What is Serval from “Kemono Friends”?

Serval is a fictional character from the anime and video game series “Kemono Friends”. She is a humanoid serval cat with brown fur, big ears, and a long tail.

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What are Serval’s characteristics and personality?

Serval is known for her energetic and friendly personality. They are always curious and eager to explore their surroundings. Serval is also very agile and has excellent running and jumping abilities.

What is Serval’s role in Kemono Friends?

In the Kemono Friends franchise, Serval is one of the main characters and serves as a guide and companion to the protagonist. She helps the protagonist navigate around Japari Park, where the story takes place, and provides information about the various animal friends they encounter.

Can you tell me more about Serval’s abilities?

Serval has enhanced physical abilities due to her Serval traits. She has incredible speed and agility, allowing her to run at high speeds and perform impressive jumps. She also has excellent night vision, sharp claws, and enhanced hearing.

What is the relationship between Serval and the other characters in Kemono Friends?

Serval is known for her friendly and outgoing nature, and she gets along well with the other characters in the series. She forms a close bond with the protagonist and often acts as her loyal and reliable friend during their adventures in Japari Park.

Is Serval in both the anime and video game adaptations of “Kemono Friends”?

Yes, Serval is a prominent character in both the anime and video game adaptations of Kemono Friends. She plays a crucial role in the storyline of both media and has gained popularity among fans of the franchise.