Merlin Wolford

Original Name (Japanese): マーリン・ウォルフォード
Romanized Name: Mārin Worufōdo
Nicknames: None
Series: Kenja no Mago
Age: Not Specified
Weight: Not Specified
Height: Not Specified
Date of Birth: Not Specified
Blood Type: Not Specified


Merlin Wolford is described as a very lax and easygoing person who constantly spoils his adopted grandson, Shin. He is known for teaching Shin all of his extensive knowledge without any restrictions, unlike Shin’s strict adoptive mother, Melinda. Merlin’s indulgent approach contrasts with Melinda’s disciplined training methods, allowing Shin to learn freely under Merlin’s guidance.


Merlin Wolford is a renowned hero, famous for defeating the First Devil alongside Melinda. He is the adoptive grandfather of the main protagonist, Shin Wolford, and takes an active role in Shin’s upbringing and training.

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Merlin Wolford is depicted as an elderly man with a long, white beard and hair. He wears traditional wizard-like robes and usually carries a staff, reinforcing his image as a powerful and experienced magician.


A renowned hero, Merlin Wolford is known for his immense magical abilities and combat prowess. He is said to have subdued the First Devil, suggesting that he possesses formidable magical power and combat skills. Merlin’s extensive knowledge is also highlighted, as he is able to teach Shin a wide range of subjects without restraint.


Merlin Wolford is a character from the light novel and anime series “Kenja no Mago” (Wise Man’s Grandchild). He serves as the adoptive grandfather of the main protagonist, Shin Wolford, and plays a significant role in Shin’s upbringing and development as a powerful magician.

Merlin Wolford – FAQ

Here are 6-8 FAQs about Merlin Wolford from “Kenja no Mago”:

Who is Merlin Wolford?

Merlin Wolford is the main protagonist of the light novel and anime series “Kenja no Mago” (Wise Man’s Grandchild). He is a reincarnated Japanese man who was summoned to another world and adopted by the wise sage Merlin.

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What are Merlin’s abilities?

Merlin is an exceptionally talented mage with a mastery of several types of magic, including healing, barrier, and offensive magic. He is considered a prodigy, able to learn and use powerful spells at a young age. Merlin also possesses superhuman physical abilities such as speed and strength.

What is Merlin’s role in the story?

As the adopted grandson of the wise sage Merlin, Merlin Wolford plays a central role in the story. He attends a magical academy, makes new friends, and navigates the political machinations of the kingdom, all while trying to uncover the truth about his own past and abilities.

What is Merlin’s personality like?

Despite his extraordinary talents, Merlin is generally kind, polite, and humble. He is often confused by the social norms of the fantasy world into which he has been reincarnated. Merlin also has a strong sense of justice and a desire to protect those he cares about.

Does Merlin have a romantic interest?

Throughout the series, Merlin develops close relationships with several female characters, such as his classmates Silvia and Sizilien. However, the nature of these relationships remains ambiguous, and Merlin’s primary focus seems to be on his studies and personal growth rather than romance.

How does Merlin’s reincarnation affect the story?

Merlin’s status as a reincarnated individual from modern Japan is a key plot point in the series. His knowledge and perspective from his previous life often gives him an advantage over his peers and allows him to approach problems in a unique way. This sets him apart and plays a significant role in shaping the overall narrative.