God Hand

God Hand

God Hand

First appearance

“Guardian Angels of Desire”

The God Hand is a group of sinister and powerful beings who directly serve the “Lord” – the Idea of Evil. The God Hand directs human history and plays with people’s fates. Throughout history, people have worshipped them as angels or pagan gods. However, despite their power, the members of the Hand of God are not completely invulnerable and cannot fully predict the future. There are five members: Void, Conrad, Ubik, Slan and Femto (Griffith). Griffith joined the Hand at the end of “The Golden Age”, and before that there were four members.All members of the Hand of the Lord were once men who wore the Royal Behelite and were able to ascend thanks to the Darkness, an event that occurs once every 216 years. Void is the oldest of the current composition of the Hand of the Lord, but he may not have been the first: a thousand years ago, Geiserich’s kingdom was defeated by four or five ‘angels’. This could mean that the composition of the Lord’s Hand has changed in the past, and that its members are mortal after all.

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Chapter 362 shows the memories of the previous owner of the Berserker’s Armour (Knight of the Skull). Against a backdrop of countless outstretched tentacles curling into a ring, the silhouettes of the former Hand of the Lord (the Hand of the Lord has probably existed since the beginning of time and will probably only disappear with the disappearance of mankind) can be seen. Among them are: a being whose face resembles the mask of an ancient actor, a being that resembles a Viking or the Scandinavian god Odin, a being shaped like a black skeleton with a mouth and lips instead of a face; and there is also a woman whose shape resembles Artemis of Ephesus, whose head is crowned with horns. Among the famous representatives, Void is present. Presumably the memories are related to the sacrifice when Heiserich’s empire disappeared. What happened to the rest of the cast, apart from Void, is not known.

The members of the Lord’s Hand themselves reside in the astral world, outside of normal time and space, but can appear temporarily in the artificially created Interval, or create temporary bodies for themselves. Griffith, however, was able to use the Incarnation Ceremony to establish himself in the material world by creating a permanent body. The agents of the Hand of the Lord on Earth are the Apostles, former Beherites who have made a pact with the Hand of the Lord.

Notable members

Name Description
Void The first and oldest Archangel of the God Hand, as well as the master of the apostles’ sacrificial ceremonies. He is the one who brandishes the sacrifices of the apostles. There is a connection between Void and the Skull Knight, of which nothing is yet known.
Slan The only woman among the five Archangels of the Hand of the Lord. Knight Skull calls her ‘the whore of the sea of embryos’. Slan is interested in Gatz and wants to use his Becherite to make him an Apostle. Nothing is known of her past as a human.
Ubik A powerful demonic being, one of the members of the Lord’s Hand. Ubik resembles a squid floating in the air with short tentacles; he has a thick smiling face and unusual scars around his eyes, similar to the frames of his glasses. He is the most chatty and cheerful of the members of the God Hand; he was able to construct an elaborate illusion for Griffith out of Griffith’s own memories and fears.
Conrad The most secretive of the five members of the God Hand. Conrad is the least talkative of the old members of the Hand of the Lord, and little is known about him. Conrad is associated with the plague; it has been shown how thousands of swarming rats are folded into Conrad’s face in a city that died out during an epidemic.
Femto A former leader of the mercenary organisation Falcon and friend of Gatz, who activated his Becherite and sacrificed almost all of his comrades, becoming the fifth Archangel of the God Hand, under the name Femto. Thanks to the Embryo Kaski has been able to be reborn into the human world and wishes to form his own kingdom.