Black Swordsman (黒い剣士)
Struggler (もがく者)
Berserker (狂戦士)
Branded Swordsman (烙印の剣士)
Hundred Man Slayer (百人斬り)





  • Peripatetic (Interstice)
  • Wyndham (formerly)
  • Godot’s cottage (formerly)








Hair color


Eye color


Unique traits

White patch of hair (from using the Berserker Armor); missing right eye and left forearm


Love interests



  • Unnamed hanged mother
  • Gambino (father figure)
  • Shisu (mother figure)
  • Demon Child (biological child)


  • Gambino (formerly)
  • Martino (formerly)
  • Chitch
  • Original Band of the Falcon members
  • Godot
  • Black Swordsman Party members
  • Skull Knight
  • Flora


  • Donovan
  • Bazuso
  • Blue Whale Knights (Adon, Samson)
  • Purple Rhino Knights (Boscogn)
  • Bakiraka
  • Black Dog Knights (Wyald)
  • God Hand (Femto)
  • Apostles
  • Mozgus and his disciples
  • Bonebeard Pirates
  • Sea God


Weapon(s) of choice

  • Dragon Slayer
  • Cannon arm
  • Repeater crossbow
  • Throwing knives
  • Miniature bombs

Fighting styles



  • Peak-human conditioning
    • Superhuman conditioning (Berserker Armor)
  • Indomitable will
  • Half-step over others in causality’s current (Brand of Sacrifice)


  • Brand of Sacrifice
  • Beast of Darkness
  • Berserker Armor



  • Mercenary (formerly)
  • Knight (formerly)
  • Wanderer


  • Captain of the Band of the Falcon’s raiders (formerly)
  • White Phoenix Knight (formerly)


  • Band of the Falcon (formerly)
  • Midland Regular Army (formerly)
  • Black Swordsman Party


First appearance

“Black Swordsman”

  • Plays a crucial role in ending the Hundred-Year War as the Band of the Falcon’s raiders captain
    • Single-handedly slays 100 Tudor troops
  • Survives the Eclipse
  • Embarks on a two-year hunt for apostles, gaining repute as the “Black Swordsman”
  • Kills the Sea God

Brave young warrior Gats tests his fate as a mercenary on the front lines. A fateful encounter brings Gats into contact with a charismatic and ruthless young man named Griffith. Leading an invincible unit known as the Hawk Gang, Griffith wields a formidable force incomparable to anything. Driven by a desire for status, the Hawks display unprecedented valor in military affairs and stamina in political affairs. The armies of Midland will tremble in fear as Griffith and Gatz embark on the path they are destined to bring the world to its knees.


The protagonist of Berserk is a very tall, broad-shouldered man with strongly developed muscles. Though he looks to be in his thirties, he is only in his second decade. He has been hardened and aged by life during the war. During the events of the Eclipse, Gatz lost his left arm to the elbow and his right eye. His right eyelid is permanently closed, hiding his gouged eye; only in the Prototype manga is Gats shown wearing an eye patch. He is covered from head to toe in scars and burns, the most notable of which are on Gatz’s nose, from a blow Gambino suffered as a child. The largest scar, horizontal across his chest, is the one that Gatz has from his encounter with Slann in Clippote. The victim’s mark on the back right side of his neck is more than a scar – it is a witch’s mark that attracts demons to the hero and makes Gats aware of their approach: it begins to ache and bleed when evil is near.

Gats has brown eyes (after Eclipse, one brown eye) and stiff black hair; with the acquisition of Berserk Armor, Gats acquired a gray strand over his forehead, probably from overexertion caused by wearing the sinister armor. Because of Gatz’s penchant for wearing black clothing and armor while hunting apostles, he was nicknamed the “Black Swordsman”; this tradition was continued with the acquisition of Berserk’s Armor.

During the Golden Age, Gats wore an unusual helmet with a massive visor protecting the upper part of his face. Gats left this helmet behind when he left the Falcons, and did not wear any helmets thereafter until he acquired the Berserk Armor.


Known for his severity, Gats is a rough, cynical man with a generally bleak outlook on life. This is a consequence of unceasing waves of misery and numerous betrayals since his youth, when almost all the highlights of his life have become minimal over time. Despite his cautious, brooding exterior, he displays a calmer and more compassionate side toward the people he trusts, appearing noticeably less unsociable and aloof, but still maintaining his dry candor. Even as his inner darkness festered deep within him, and it became increasingly difficult to resist its temptation, he retained his empathy and compassion, refusing to completely discard his humanity.

In his formative years, Gatz is deprived of a true purpose in life, killing mercenaries as a child simply as a means of survival. As a blank slate, he often seeks the approval of those he respects most, content only to have “one man [look in his direction].” His unreliability gradually develops into an identity when he meets Griffith, someone with whom he eventually seeks to stand as an equal instead of being looked down upon. The swordsman then embarks on a journey of self-discovery in which he realizes his eternal connection to and passion for the sword. Upon realizing this, he begins to dedicate himself to honing his skills and fighting even stronger opponents, with a new purpose in life.

Eventually, Gatz overcomes his fears about camaraderie, grateful for the camaraderie with the new members of his group.

After surviving the Eclipse, Gatz becomes vengeful, wanting nothing more than to hunt down and kill any apostle he meets and, more importantly, to get revenge on Griffith and the Hand of God. He leaves behind the regressed Casca for two years to embark on the warpath against the demons. On his two-year hunt, Gatz becomes largely selfish and anti-social, indifferent to the suffering of others and disgusted with those he considers weak. His withdrawn nature and hostility toward those who try to connect with him stem from a fear of creating new emotional attachments; a fear of acquiring precious new companions like the ones he lost in Eclipse. In time, largely due to Puck’s efforts, Gatz stops his solitary struggles and asks for help from his fellow travelers, gradually forging new friendships with them. Despite his initial misgivings about showing affection for his new companions, he begins to appreciate the bonds he has with them and finds himself grateful that they have individual strengths to rely on.

Above all, Guts represents perseverance and resilience. Despite all his many trials and tribulations, he has never succumbed to fate and continues to exist despite seemingly insurmountable obstacles. Indeed, Gatz is an ardent opponent of such ideas as causality and fate, believing that his decisions are ultimately of his own free will, and he pays no heed to such certainties.

Gats FAQ

Who does Guts like?

As the only woman in Falcon’s squad, Casca idolized Griffith; her initial dislike of Guts later turned into love. During the events of the Eclipse Arc, Casca was branded a Victim and raped by Griffith-Femto. Although Knight Skull saved both Gatz and Casca, the heroine lost her mind.

Why is Guts’ eye closed?

After the Eclipse, in which the entire Falcon Squad was killed, Guts’ appearance was significantly transformed. His lost right eye has been replaced with an empty eye socket, and his lost left arm has been replaced with an iron prosthetic.

What are the arches in Berserk?

  • Black Swordsman Arch.
  • Arch of the Golden Age.
  • Arc of Condemnation.
  • Arc of the Millennium Empire Falcon
  • Arc of Phantasy

Who threw the sword to Gatsu?

During the Battle of Doldrey, while watching Gats and Boskon duel from afar, Zodd throws his sword to Gats to be used by the swordsman after a break in the middle of the battle. He leaves shortly after Gats defeats Boscon, knowing that Eclipse time is near.

Who is Gatz’s father?

Gambino is Gatz’s adoptive father. Gambino led a small band of mercenaries fighting on the fronts of the Hundred Years’ War and picked up the newborn Gats. Although it was Gambino who taught Gats to fight with swords, their relationship is difficult to call cordial.

What is Gatz’s goal?

He has one goal: to become the strongest warrior on earth. Later, he meets another gang, led by the invincible (and insanely attractive) Griffith. Gatz joins them and sets out on a bloody adventure. Berserk manga review!