Houka Inumuta

Original Name 犬牟田 宝火
Romaji Name Inumuta Houka
Series Kill la Kill
Date of Birth
Blood Type


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Analyzing the Genius of Kill la Kill


Houka Inumuta, a character from the popular anime series “Kill la Kill,” is a fascinating individual with a unique personality. Known for his exceptional intellect and analytical skills, he takes on the role of Chairman of the Intelligence and Strategy Committee within the Elite Four. Inumuta is often described as calm, collected, and introverted, preferring to observe and analyze situations before taking action. He has a deep passion for intelligence and strategy, and uses his knowledge to gain an advantage in battles and to support the Student Council.


Inumuta’s background reveals his exceptional talents from an early age. As a freelance hacker, he demonstrated his genius by bypassing security systems at the age of 15. This early demonstration of his skills caught the attention of Honnōji Academy, a prestigious institution in the series, leading to his enrollment and subsequent involvement in the student council. Inumuta’s hacking skills and technical expertise make him a valuable asset to the Elite Four, and a key player in the series’ unfolding events.


In terms of appearance, Houka Inumuta wears the distinctive Elite Four attire, which includes a three-star uniform. His outfit, known as the Probe Regalia, reflects his role as an intelligence expert. Inumuta’s attire consists of a sleek, form-fitting suit with technological elements that symbolize his affinity for analysis and data. His sharp, intelligent eyes and neatly combed silver hair emphasize his calm and observant nature.


Inumuta possesses unique abilities in keeping with his role as Chairman of the Intelligence and Strategy Committee. His transformation, Probe Regalia, gives him extraordinary abilities. One of his most notable abilities is the ability to analyze and predict his opponents’ attacks, allowing him to dodge with precision. Inumuta’s keen analytical mind allows him to exploit weaknesses and strategize effectively in battle. He also possesses the power of camouflage, which makes him invisible to his enemies. However, breaking the cloak requires inflicting significant damage to his uniform.

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Houka Inumuta’s character originates from the anime series “Kill la Kill”. Created by Trigger Studio, the series follows the story of Ryuko Matoi, a determined student searching for the truth behind her father’s death. Inumuta plays an important role as a member of the Elite Four, a group of powerful individuals within the student council. Throughout the series, his exceptional intellect and analytical skills contribute to the overall narrative, making him an integral part of the story’s development.

Houka Inumuta – FAQ

Who is Houka Inumuta in “Kill la Kill”?

Houka Inumuta is a character from the anime series “Kill la Kill”. He is one of the main protagonists and a member of the student council at Honnouji Academy.

What is Houka Inumuta’s role in the series?

Houka Inumuta is the strategist and tactician of the student council. He is responsible for collecting and analyzing data to develop strategies and countermeasures against their opponents.

What are Houka Inumuta’s skills?

Houka Inumuta is a skilled hacker with the ability to analyze and collect data on his opponents. He wears a special uniform called the “Goku Uniform” that enhances his physical abilities and gives him additional powers.

What is Houka Inumuta’s personality like?

Houka Inumuta is often portrayed as calm, collected, and analytical. He is highly intelligent and tends to approach situations with a logical and strategic mindset. He is also somewhat introverted, preferring to observe and analyze rather than engage in direct confrontation.

Does Houka Inumuta have any significant relationships with other characters?

Yes, Houka Inumuta is a close ally of the other members of the student council, including Satsuki Kiryuin, the council president. He often works with them to devise strategies and plans to defeat their enemies. He also has a friendly rivalry with the character Ryuko Matoi.

Does Houka Inumuta undergo any character development during the series?

Yes, throughout the series, Houka Inumuta’s character evolves as he learns to rely more on his intuition and emotions rather than just data and analysis. He becomes more open to trusting his friends and forming deeper relationships with them.