Riko Sakurauchi

Japanese Name 桜内 梨子
Romaji Name Sakurauchi Riko
Nicknames None
Series Kimi no Kokoro wa Kagayaiteru kai? (Love Live! Sunshine!!)
Age 16
Weight N/A
Height 160 cm
Date of Birth September 19
Blood Type A

Riko Sakurauchi – A talented and humble character from “Kimi no Kokoro wa Kagayaiteru kai?

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Riko Sakurauchi, a main character in the anime “Kimi no Kokoro wa Kagayaiteru kai? (also known as “Love Live! Sunshine!!”), has a reserved and modest personality. She is known for her polite and kind nature, often acting as a foil to her more energetic friends such as Chika and You. Riko enjoys indoor activities and can often be seen indulging in hobbies such as drawing, crafting, and cooking. Despite her calm and mature demeanor, she can be prone to panic, jumping to conclusions, and making mistakes.


Riko Sakurauchi is a second-year student who transferred to Chika’s class from Akihabara, Tokyo. Her background before joining the cast of “Kimi no Kokoro wa Kagayaiteru kai?” is not extensively explored, but her arrival in the story marks a significant turning point for the group of school idols.


Riko Sakurauchi is portrayed as a visually appealing character with her own unique charm. She is 160 cm tall and has a slender build. Her appearance is characterized by her distinctive features, including her long, flowing hair and expressive eyes. Riko’s hair color is not explicitly mentioned in the available sources, but various fan interpretations depict her with shades of brown or auburn.


In terms of skills, Riko Sakurauchi shows her talent in music, especially playing the piano and viola. Her musical skills contribute to the group’s performances as school idols. Riko’s mastery of these instruments adds depth and complexity to the group’s sound, enhancing their overall performances and capturing the hearts of their fans.


Riko Sakurauchi comes from the anime series “Love Live! Sunshine!!”, which serves as a spin-off and spiritual successor to the original “Love Live! The story follows a group of schoolgirls who form an idol group to save their school from being shut down. Riko’s character development and interactions with the other cast members play a significant role in the growth and success of the group as they face various challenges and strive to achieve their dreams.

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The information provided is based on available sources, including the MyAnimeList page and additional search results on Google.

Riko Sakurauchi – FAQ

Who is Riko Sakurauchi?

Riko Sakurauchi is a fictional character from the anime and manga series “Love Live! Sunshine!”. She is one of the main characters and the keyboardist of the idol group Aqours.

What is Riko Sakurauchi’s personality like?

Riko is portrayed as a reserved and intelligent girl. She is often shy and tends to overthink things. Riko can play the piano and has a deep passion for music.

What is Riko Sakurauchi’s role in Aqours?

Riko is the keyboardist for Aqours, a school idol group formed by the students of Uranohoshi Girls’ High School. Her musical talent and creativity contribute to the group’s performances and compositions.

What are some notable characteristics of Riko Sakurauchi?

Riko is known for her stunning blue hair and captivating purple eyes. She is often seen wearing her school uniform or various fashionable outfits. Riko also has a fear of dogs, which is a recurring theme in the series.

What are Riko Sakurauchi’s hobbies and interests?

Riko enjoys playing the piano and composing music. She has a deep love for and inspiration from classical music. Riko is also interested in fashion and is skilled in sewing and designing clothes.

What is Riko Sakurauchi’s backstory?

Riko originally lived in Tokyo and was an accomplished pianist. However, she developed stage fright and lost her confidence, causing her to give up playing the piano. Riko later moved to Numazu and joined Aqours, where she gradually overcame her fears and rediscovered her passion for music.