Yuuta Asaba

Japanese Name 浅羽 悠太
Romaji Name Asaba Yuuta
Nicknames “Yuutan”
Series Kimi to Boku.
Age 16-17
Weight N/A
Height 174.8 cm
Date of Birth June 20
Blood Type B


Yuuta Asaba, a character from the anime series “Kimi to Boku,” has a distinct personality that sets him apart from his twin brother, Yuuki. While both brothers can appear monotonous and passive, Yuuta expresses himself more openly than his younger counterpart. He is often seen as more sociable and mature than his peers. Despite his observant nature, Yuuta rarely expresses his entire thought process. He cares deeply for his brother and values his independence, refraining from making decisions on his behalf. Yuuta is known to be a member of the Tea Ceremony Club and is called “Yuutan” by his friend Chizuru.

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Yuuta Asaba was introduced as the older twin brother of Yuuki Asaba in the anime series “Kimi to Boku”. The brothers share a close bond and are popular with girls due to their identical appearance. During their elementary school years, Yuuta was particularly popular. In junior high, he developed an interest in Kendo and became quite skilled in the art. Yuuta also attends the same class as Shun, another member of their friend group. Together with Shun, he participates in the Tea Ceremony Club.


In terms of physical appearance, Yuuta Asaba closely resembles his twin brother, Yuuki. They both have brown hair and the same facial features. One noticeable difference between the two, however, is the way they style their hair. Yuuta divides his bangs in the middle, giving him a unique look. He stands at a height of 174.8 cm, giving him a relatively tall stature. Yuuta’s appearance, combined with his friendly demeanor, contributes to his popularity among his peers.


Aside from his amiable personality, Yuuta Asaba possesses remarkable skills and abilities. During his junior high years, he took an interest in Kendo and has achieved a considerable level of proficiency in the martial art. This expertise reflects his dedication and discipline. Yuuta’s involvement with the Tea Ceremony Club demonstrates his appreciation for traditional Japanese culture. While he does not possess any remarkable superhuman abilities, his talents and interests contribute to his overall character development.


Yuuta Asaba is from the anime series “Kimi to Boku”. Created by Kiichi Hotta, the series explores the daily lives and experiences of a group of high school friends, including the Asaba twins. “Kimi to Boku offers a slice-of-life narrative that explores the complexities of friendship, adolescence and personal growth. Yuuta’s character contributes to the overall dynamic of the series, showcasing his individuality and the unique bond he shares with his brother and friends.
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Yuuta Asaba – FAQ

Who is Yuuta Asaba?

Yuuta Asaba is a fictional character from the anime and manga series “Kimi to Boku”. He is one of the main characters and is known for his quiet and calm personality.

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What is Yuuta Asaba’s role in “Kimi to Boku”?

Yuuta Asaba is one of the five main characters in Kimi to Boku. He serves as the voice of reason among his group of friends, often bringing a sense of stability and maturity to their interactions.

What are Yuuta Asaba’s special characteristics?

Yuuta Asaba is known for his dependability, intelligence, and prudence. He is often seen as a voice of wisdom and is respected by his friends for his thoughtful and considerate approach to situations.

Does Yuuta Asaba have any special abilities?

While Yuuta Asaba doesn’t possess any special talents, he is academically inclined and has proven to be a diligent student. He also has good leadership skills and is often looked to by his friends for guidance.

How does Yuuta Asaba get along with his friends?

Yuuta Asaba has a close group of friends with whom he interacts in a friendly and supportive manner. He often engages in light-hearted banter, shares hobbies and interests, and offers advice and support whenever needed.

Does Yuuta Asaba have a romantic relationship?

In “Kimi to Boku”, Yuuta Asaba is shown to be romantically interested in a girl named Honoka Mitsuishi. Their relationship develops over the course of the series, and Yuuta’s feelings for her play a significant role in his character development.