Jio Ba

Original Name (Japanese): バジオウ
Romanized Name: Ba Jio
Nicknames: Blade of the Mountain King
Series: Kingdom
Age: Unknown
Weight: Unknown
Height: Unknown
Date of Birth: Unknown
Blood Type: Unknown


Ba Jio is described as a powerful and fierce warrior. Despite his intimidating appearance and reputation, he is shown to be loyal and supportive of Yo Tan Wa, the leader of the Yo Tan Wa Army under whom he serves. Ba Jio has a calm and collected demeanor, rarely showing strong emotions.


Ba Jio was the sole survivor of his tribe after a battle at a very young age. He lived in the wild for several years and became a formidable and beastly fighter. This led to a confrontation with Yo Tan Wa, who eventually gave him the choice of dying as a beast or becoming her mate. Ba Jio chose to join Yo Tan Wa’s tribe, where he gradually learned several languages and honed his skills as a warrior.

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Ba Jio is a tall, muscular man with an imposing presence. He has long dark hair and a scar on his face, which he usually hides behind a mask or cloth. He wears traditional mountain tribe clothing, including fur and leather.


Ba Jio is known as one of the most powerful warriors in the Yo Tan Wa army. He possesses immense physical strength, speed, and endurance, which he developed during his time living in the wild. Ba Jio is also skilled in various combat techniques and the use of various weapons, including his signature double swords.


Ba Jio comes from the Chouga tribe, a powerful mountain tribe that is part of the Yo Tan Wa army. After the tragic events that led to the destruction of his tribe, Ba Jio was taken in by the Yo Tan Wa and became one of their most trusted commanders.

Jio Ba – FAQ

Here are 6-8 FAQs about Jio Ba from “Kingdom”:

Who is Jio Ba?

Jio Ba is a key character in the manga and anime series “Kingdom”. He is a powerful military strategist and one of the Three Great Heavens, a group of three exceptional generals serving under the Qin Dynasty.

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What is Jio Ba’s role in the story?

Jio Ba plays a crucial role in Qin’s military campaigns and expansion. He is known for his brilliant strategic mind and is instrumental in many of Qin’s victories over rival states. Jio Ba’s decisions and actions have a significant impact on the course of the story.

What are Jio Ba’s strengths and skills?

Jio Ba is known for his exceptional intelligence and strategic skills. He is able to carefully analyze the battlefield and devise complex, innovative plans to outwit his opponents. Jio Ba is also a skilled commander who can effectively coordinate large armies and lead them to victory.

How does Jio Ba compare to other characters in the story?

Jio Ba is considered one of the most formidable generals in the Kingdom universe. He is often compared to and pitted against other powerful military leaders such as Ou Ki and Ri Boku in epic battles of wits and strategy.

What is Jio Ba’s relationship to the other characters?

Jio Ba has a complex web of relationships with other key characters in the story. He has a professional and respectful relationship with the young Qin king, Ying Zheng, and often serves as his advisor. Jio Ba also has a rivalrous yet collegial relationship with the other Two Great Heavens, Ou Ki and Ri Boku.

How does Jio Ba’s character develop throughout the story?

Throughout the series, Jio Ba’s character undergoes significant development and growth. As the story progresses, we see him face new challenges, adjust his strategies, and deepen his understanding of the complexities of warfare and governance. His actions and decisions continue to have a major impact on the overall narrative.