Squall Leonhart

Original Name スコール・レオンハート
Romaji Name Sukōru Reonhāto
Nicknames Leon
Series Kingdom Hearts
Age 17 (Final Fantasy VIII)
Weight N/A
Height N/A
Date of Birth August 23
Blood Type N/A


Squall Leonhart, also known as Leon, is a character from the popular video game series Kingdom Hearts. He has a complex and intriguing personality that has captivated fans of the franchise. Initially portrayed as distant and aloof, Squall gradually evolves throughout the game, revealing layers of depth and complexity.

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In Kingdom Hearts, Squall Leonhart hails from the world of Final Fantasy VIII. He is a former member of the prestigious military academy known as Balamb Garden. Squall’s past is marked by tragedy and loss, which has shaped his stoic and reserved demeanor. Despite his troubled past, he possesses strong leadership qualities and becomes a central figure in the Heartless Resistance and the Hollow Bastion Restoration Committee.


Squall Leonhart’s appearance is distinctive and memorable. His striking silver hair and piercing blue eyes add to his enigmatic appeal. He typically wears a simple ensemble consisting of a black leather jacket, white shirt, black pants, and boots. To complete his iconic look, he wields a unique weapon called the Gunblade, a cross between a sword and a gun.


Squall Leonhart is a formidable warrior who has demonstrated exceptional combat skills throughout the Kingdom Hearts series. His weapon of choice, the Gunblade, allows him to deliver swift and powerful strikes while incorporating weapon-based attacks. Squall’s combat skills are further enhanced by his tactical and strategic thinking, making him a valuable asset in battles against the Heartless.


Squall Leonhart originated in the role-playing video game Final Fantasy VIII, developed by Square (now Square Enix). In Final Fantasy VIII, Squall serves as the main protagonist, embarking on a journey intertwined with romance, friendship, and self-discovery. His portrayal in Kingdom Hearts expands on his character, presenting an alternate version of Squall within the game’s fantastical universe.
Squall Leonhart’s inclusion in Kingdom Hearts adds depth and richness to the story, showcasing his growth and evolution as a character. With his complex personality, tragic backstory, iconic appearance, impressive abilities, and roots in the Final Fantasy franchise, Squall Leonhart has become a beloved and influential figure among fans of the Kingdom Hearts series.

Squall Leonhart – FAQ

Who is Squall Leonhart in Kingdom Hearts?

Squall Leonhart, also known as Leon, is a prominent character in the “Kingdom Hearts” series. He comes from the “Final Fantasy” series, specifically “Final Fantasy VIII. In Kingdom Hearts, Squall serves as an important ally to the game’s protagonist, Sora.

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What is Squall’s role in Kingdom Hearts?

Squall is the leader of a group of warriors known as the Hollow Bastion Restoration Committee. He is responsible for organizing efforts to restore the Hollow Bastion, a world featured in the game. In addition, Squall assists Sora and his friends by providing guidance and support throughout their journey.

What are some of Squall’s personality traits?

Squall is often portrayed as a reserved and stoic character. He tends to keep his emotions in check and adopts a serious demeanor. However, beneath his cool exterior, Squall possesses a strong sense of loyalty and determination, making him a reliable ally.

What is Squall’s weapon of choice in Kingdom Hearts?

In Kingdom Hearts, Squall wields a gunblade, a unique weapon that combines elements of a sword and a firearm. The Gunblade allows him to perform powerful melee attacks and special techniques.

Does Squall have any connections to other characters in the Kingdom Hearts series?

Yes, Squall is related to several other characters in the Kingdom Hearts series. He has a close relationship with Yuffie, Aerith, and Cid, who are fellow members of the Hollow Bastion Restoration Committee. Squall also has a history with Rinoa Heartilly, a character from Final Fantasy VIII, though their relationship is not explored in depth in Kingdom Hearts.

Is Squall’s appearance different in “Kingdom Hearts” compared to “Final Fantasy VIII”?

Yes, Squall’s appearance has changed somewhat in the Kingdom Hearts series. While his overall design remains similar, Squall wears a slightly modified outfit with different color schemes and additional details. These changes are intended to fit the aesthetic of the Kingdom Hearts universe.