Karen Kujou

Original Name 九条 カレン
Romaji Name Kujou Karen
Nicknames Ayaya (by Aya)
Series Kiniro Mosaic
Age Not specified
Weight Not specified
Height 150cm
Date of Birth December 1
Blood Type AB

Karen Kujou – The energetic protagonist of “Kiniro Mosaic


Karen Kujou, a character in the “Kiniro Mosaic” anime series, is portrayed as a carefree and happy-go-lucky individual. She has an enthusiastic and passionate nature, and often gets excited about new things very easily. Never afraid to try something new, Karen is known for her outgoing and energetic personality. Her exuberant nature sets her apart and makes her a popular character in the series.


Karen Kujou is a half-British, half-Japanese girl who was originally friends with Alice in England. However, she eventually moves to Japan and enrolls in Shinobu’s school, becoming an integral part of the story. Karen’s cross-cultural background adds depth to her character and influences her interactions with the other characters in the series. Her experiences in both England and Japan contribute to her unique perspective on life.


In terms of appearance, Karen Kujou is portrayed as a young girl with a height of 150cm. She has a distinct half British, half Japanese heritage which is evident in her physical features. Karen has vibrant blonde hair and captivating blue eyes that accentuate her energetic and vivacious personality. Her appearance perfectly complements her cheerful and outgoing nature.


While Karen’s abilities are not explicitly mentioned in the available sources, her character is known for her exceptional energy and enthusiasm. She easily connects with others and is well-liked by her classmates. Karen’s ability to adapt to new situations and make friends effortlessly demonstrates her interpersonal skills. Additionally, her love for Shinobu, as mentioned in the source, adds emotional depth to her character.


Karen Kujou’s origin is in the anime and manga series “Kiniro Mosaic”. As a main character in the series, she plays a significant role in the plot, contributing to the overall narrative and character dynamics. Her cross-cultural background and friendship with Alice, as well as her integration into Shinobu’s school, create interesting plot points and character interactions throughout the series.

Karen Kujou – FAQ

Who is Karen Kujou?

Karen Kujou is a fictional character from the anime and manga series “Kiniro Mosaic”. She is one of the main characters and is known for her blonde hair, blue eyes, and love of all things British.

What is Karen’s personality like?

Karen is portrayed as a happy and energetic girl with a strong interest in British culture. She is often seen wearing the traditional British school uniform and speaks in broken English, incorporating English words and phrases into her speech. Karen is kindhearted, optimistic, and tends to see the world through rose-colored glasses.

What are Karen’s hobbies?

Karen has a deep fascination with British culture and enjoys various activities related to it. She loves to drink tea, collect British memorabilia, and often tries to emulate British customs and traditions. Karen also enjoys playing the piano and is a talented musician.

What is Karen’s relationship to the other characters?

Karen is good friends with the other main characters in Kiniro Mosaic. She is especially close to her best friend, Alice Cartelet, who is also her classmate. Karen also gets along well with Shino, Aya, and Yoko, forming a tight-knit group of friends who share various adventures and experiences together.

Does Karen have any quirks or memorable characteristics?

Yes, Karen is known for her unique way of speaking English, often mixing English words with Japanese sentences. She also has a habit of using British phrases and gestures, which adds to her charm. In addition, Karen’s fascination with British culture and her unwavering optimism are some of her most memorable traits.

What is Karen’s role in the story?

Karen is one of the main characters in “Kiniro Mosaic” and plays an important role in the story. Her cheerful and positive personality brings a light-hearted and comedic element to the series. She contributes to the overall dynamic of the group of friends and adds a touch of British culture to their everyday lives.