Chidori Takashiro

Original Name 高城 千鳥
Romaji Name Takashiro Chidori
Nicknames N/A
Series Kiznaiver
Age N/A
Weight N/A
Height N/A
Date of Birth August 14
Blood Type O

Chidori Takashiro – The Loyal and Emotional Kiznaiver

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Chidori Takashiro, a main character in the anime series “Kiznaiver,” is portrayed as an awkward and emotional individual. She often comes across as nosy, but her actions stem from a genuine concern for her fellow Kiznaivers. Chidori is characterized by her loyalty and unwavering devotion to her friends, especially her childhood friend, Katsuhira Agata.


Chidori Takashiro’s background is closely tied to her involvement in the Kiznaiver experiment. As a Kiznaiver, she is part of a group of individuals who have been connected through an experimental procedure that allows them to share each other’s pain and experiences. Chidori attends Sugomori High School with her fellow Kiznaivers, where they navigate the challenges and complexities of their unique bond.


Chidori Takashiro is visually portrayed as an average high school girl. She has a youthful appearance, characterized by her short brown hair and warm brown eyes. Chidori’s design reflects her unassuming and approachable nature, further enhancing her role as a relatable and empathetic character within the series.


While Chidori Takashiro does not possess any extraordinary abilities or powers, her strength lies in her emotional resilience and determination. She displays a remarkable capacity for empathy and understanding, often acting as a pillar of emotional support for her friends. Chidori’s willingness to put others before herself and her unwavering loyalty make her an invaluable member of the Kiznaiver group.


Chidori Takashiro comes from the anime and manga series “Kiznaiver”. Created by Studio Trigger, “Kiznaiver” explores the concept of shared pain and emotional bonds among a group of diverse individuals. Chidori’s character plays a pivotal role in the narrative, serving as a source of emotional stability and compassion within the group dynamic.

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Chidori Takashiro – FAQ

Who is Chidori Takashiro in “Kiznaiver”?

Chidori Takashiro is one of the main characters in the anime series “Kiznaiver”. She is a high school student and a childhood friend of the protagonist, Katsuhira Agata.

What is Chidori’s role in the Kiznaiver experiment?

Chidori becomes one of the participants in the Kiznaiver experiment, which involves connecting people’s pain and emotions. She is assigned as a “hunter” whose task is to pursue and capture other Kiznaivers who try to escape.

How would you describe Chidori’s personality?

Chidori is a caring and compassionate person. She often puts the needs of others before her own and cares deeply for the well-being of her friends. She can be emotional and easily affected by the pain and suffering of those around her.

Does Chidori have any special abilities or powers?

No, Chidori does not have any special abilities or powers as part of the Kiznaiver experiment. However, she is shown to be perceptive and insightful, often understanding the emotions and motivations of others.

What is Chidori’s relationship to Katsuhira Agata?

Chidori and Katsuhira have been friends since childhood. Chidori has strong feelings for Katsuhira and cares deeply for her. She often acts as a source of emotional support for him throughout the series.

How does Chidori’s character develop over the course of the series?

Over the course of “Kiznaiver,” Chidori undergoes significant character development. She begins as a reserved and shy individual, but gradually becomes more assertive and confident. She learns to express her own feelings and desires more openly, ultimately gaining a better understanding of herself and her relationships.