Yoshiharu Hisomu

Japanese Name 日染 芳春
Romaji Name Hisomu Yoshiharu
Nicknames N/A
Series Kiznaiver
Age 16-17
Weight N/A
Height N/A
Date of Birth November 2
Blood Type B

Yoshiharu Hisomu – The Masochistic Enigma of Kiznaiver

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Yoshiharu Hisomu, a character from the anime series “Kiznaiver,” has a distinctive and fascinating personality. Described as a masochist, Hisomu experiences arousal when feeling or contemplating pain. This peculiar trait sets him apart from the other characters in the series. Despite his masochistic tendencies, Hisomu can also display childish and blunt behavior. As the story progresses, however, his personality becomes more neutral, adding layers of complexity to his character.


Not much is known about Yoshiharu Hisomu’s background, as the available information is limited. The anime series “Kiznaiver” focuses primarily on the interrelated relationships and emotional experiences of a group of characters known as the Kiznaivers. Hisomu is one of the seven Kiznaivers, individuals connected by an experimental system that allows them to share each other’s pain. As the story unfolds, more details about Hisomu’s past and personal history may be revealed.


Yoshiharu Hisomu’s appearance is characterized by a naturally handsome yet unkempt aesthetic. He is depicted as a teenager with medium-length, choppy purple-taupe hair with subtle gray highlights. His golden olive eyes add an enigmatic quality to his overall appearance. Hisomu’s disheveled appearance adds to his unconventional charm and sets him apart from the other characters in the series.


While no specific abilities unique to Yoshiharu Hisomu are explicitly mentioned in the available sources, it should be noted that “Kiznaiver” primarily explores the emotional and psychological journeys of its characters. As a Kiznaiver, Hisomu has the ability to share and experience the pain of others within the group. This ability plays a significant role in the narrative, shaping the dynamics and relationships between the Kiznaivers.


Yoshiharu Hisomu is from the anime series “Kiznaiver”. Created by Studio Trigger, “Kiznaiver” explores themes of empathy, connection, and the complexity of human emotions. The series follows a group of individuals who are chosen to participate in a secret experiment called the Kizuna System. Hisomu’s character is an integral part of this group, contributing to the overall narrative and exploring the intricacies of his personality and experiences.

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Yoshiharu Hisomu – FAQ

Who is Yoshiharu Hisomu in “Kiznaiver”?

Yoshiharu Hisomu is a character in the anime series “Kiznaiver”. He is one of the seven main characters who become participants in the Kiznaiver experiment.

What is the Kiznaiver Experiment?

The Kiznaiver Experiment is a fictional project in “Kiznaiver” where individuals are connected through a system called the Kizna System. Participants share each other’s pain and emotions with the goal of fostering empathy and understanding.

What is Yoshiharu Hisomu’s role in the Kiznaiver experiment?

Yoshiharu Hisomu is selected as one of the Kiznaivers, individuals who are connected through the Kizna system. As a Kiznaiver, he shares both physical pain and emotional experiences with the other participants.

What is Yoshiharu Hisomu’s personality like?

Yoshiharu Hisomu is characterized as an enigmatic and mysterious individual. He often displays a detached and nihilistic attitude, seemingly indifferent to pain and emotion. Hisomu is also known for his eccentric behavior and interest in pain.

How does Yoshiharu Hisomu contribute to the group dynamic in “Kiznaiver”?

Yoshiharu Hisomu’s unique personality and perspective adds an unconventional element to the group dynamic in Kiznaiver. His indifference to pain and emotion often challenges the other characters’ beliefs and understanding of the Kiznaiver experiment.

Does Yoshiharu Hisomu have any special skills or abilities?

Yoshiharu Hisomu has no explicit special abilities or skills beyond his peculiar personality and tolerance for pain. However, his perspective and experiences as a Kiznaiver contribute to the overall development of the story and the interactions between the characters.