Japanese Name イルル
Romaji Name Iruru
Nicknames Ilulu
Series Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon S
Age N/A
Weight N/A
Height N/A
Date of Birth N/A
Blood Type N/A

Ilulu from “Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon S”: A fascinating character analysis

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Ilulu, also known as “Iruru,” is a chaos dragon with a complex and fascinating personality. Initially targeting Tohru because of her relationship with a human, Ilulu seeks to destroy the city. However, her perspective changes significantly after Kobayashi and Tohru rescue her from an Order dragon. Ilulu’s change of heart leads her to live with Kobayashi and Tohru, demonstrating her capacity for growth and redemption. While she can be impulsive and driven by her beliefs, Ilulu’s interactions with the main characters reveal her underlying vulnerability and capacity for compassion.


Ilulu’s background is intertwined with her role as a chaos dragon and her mission to eliminate threats to dragonkind. She enters Kobayashi’s world with the intention of targeting Tohru, believing that her relationship with a human threatens the balance. However, as Ilulu’s story progresses, her motivations become more nuanced, and she begins to question her original purpose. Her background adds depth to her character, as her experiences and encounters shape her transformation and subsequent integration into Kobayashi’s household.


Ilulu’s physical appearance is a striking contrast to her true dragon form. In her human form, she appears as a petite girl with large breasts and wide hips. This deliberate juxtaposition of innocence and maturity in her appearance serves to enhance the complexity of her character. Ilulu’s design reflects her inner conflict and the duality of her nature as a Chaos Dragon trying to find her place in a world that challenges her beliefs.


As a Chaos Dragon, Ilulu possesses formidable abilities. Her primary goal is to eliminate threats to dragonkind, and she possesses immense strength and combat skills to achieve this goal. Ilulu wields a massive sickle, demonstrating her skill in melee combat. Her skills, combined with her determination, make her a formidable opponent. As her character evolves, however, Ilulu’s skills also become a means for her to protect and bond with those she once considered enemies.


Ilulu comes from the world of “Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon S”, a popular manga and anime series. Created by Coolkyoushinja, the series explores the interactions between dragons and humans in a modern setting. Ilulu’s introduction adds a new layer of conflict and growth to the narrative, as her journey from antagonist to ally challenges preconceived notions of both dragons and humans. Her origin within the series contributes to the overarching themes of acceptance, understanding, and the complexities of personal transformation.

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Ilulu – FAQ

FAQ about Ilulu from “Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon S”.

Who is Ilulu from “Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon S”?

Ilulu is a character in the anime series “Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon S”. She is a dragon from the same world as Tohru and Kanna. Ilulu first appears as an antagonist, but later becomes a central character in the series.

What is Ilulu’s personality like?

Ilulu has a complex personality. At first, she is filled with anger and resentment towards humans due to the mistreatment of dragons in the past. However, as the series progresses, she begins to develop a more caring and compassionate side, especially towards Kanna and the other characters.

What are Ilulu’s powers and abilities?

Ilulu has formidable dragon powers. She can transform into a humanoid form and has great physical strength. She can also breathe fire and fly. In addition to her physical abilities, Ilulu has a deep understanding of magic and can perform various spells and enchantments.

How does Ilulu’s relationship with the other characters develop?

At first, Ilulu clashes with the other characters, especially Tohru and Kobayashi. However, as the series progresses, she begins to form strong bonds with them. Ilulu develops a strong friendship with Kanna and learns to appreciate the kindness and compassion of the people around her.

What is Ilulu’s backstory?

Ilulu comes from a world where dragons were persecuted and hunted by humans. This history of mistreatment fuels her initial anger and resentment toward humans. However, through her interactions with the other characters, Ilulu begins to question her beliefs and learns to see the good in humanity.

Does Ilulu have character development?

Yes, Ilulu undergoes significant character development throughout the series. She begins as a hostile and vengeful character, but gradually learns to let go of her anger and embrace friendship and love. Her journey involves self-reflection and a change in her worldview.