Souichi Tatsumi

項目 情報
日本名 辰巳 宗一
Romaji名 Tatsumi Sōichi
シリーズ 鳥山明作品「ドラゴンボール」
年齢 不明
体重 不明
身長 不明
生年月日 不明
血液型 不明


Exploring Souichi Tatsumi of “Koisuru Boukun”

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Souichi Tatsumi, a character from the series “Koisuru Boukun”, has a complex and multifaceted personality. He is portrayed as an aggressive and outspoken homophobe with a strong disdain for homosexuality. Souichi’s anti-gay feelings stem from his younger brother’s decision to pursue a romantic relationship with another man. Despite his homophobic views, Souichi is known to be fiercely loyal and protective of his loved ones, demonstrating a sense of duty and responsibility toward them.


Souichi Tatsumi is a second-year agriculture student. He is a friend and senpai (senior) of Tetsuhiro Morinaga, who has developed romantic feelings for him. Souichi’s background is rooted in his academic pursuits, as he is enrolled in the N University Agricultural Science Doctoral Program. His dedication to his studies is evident, as he is described as a diligent student, often immersed in laboratory work with microscopes and petri dishes.


Physically, Souichi Tatsumi is portrayed as a tall individual, standing at 178 cm (approximately 5’10”) with a slender build. He has a distinctive appearance, characterized by his sharp facial features and short, dark hair. Souichi’s overall demeanor exudes a sense of seriousness, reflecting his no-nonsense personality and focused nature.


While “Koisuru Boukun” focuses primarily on Souichi Tatsumi’s personal relationships and struggles, his skills lie in the realm of academic excellence. As a graduate student in agriculture, he possesses a wealth of knowledge and expertise in his field of study. Souichi’s dedication to his studies and commitment to furthering his academic career highlight his intellectual abilities and passion for his chosen discipline.


Souichi Tatsumi comes from the manga series “Koisuru Boukun” written and illustrated by Hinako Takanaga. The story revolves around the complicated relationship between Souichi and Tetsuhiro Morinaga, exploring themes of love, acceptance, and personal growth. Souichi’s character arc delves into his inner struggles as he confronts his own prejudices and navigates the complexities of his evolving feelings for Tetsuhiro.

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Souichi Tatsumi – FAQ

FAQ about Souichi Tatsumi from “Koisuru Boukun

Who is Souichi Tatsumi?
Souichi Tatsumi is a fictional character from the manga series “Koisuru Boukun” (The Tyrant Falls in Love) written and illustrated by Hinako Takanaga. He is one of the main characters of the series.

What is Souichi Tatsumi’s personality like?
Souichi Tatsumi has a very complex personality. He is often portrayed as stubborn, hotheaded, and quick to anger. He can be abrasive and confrontational, especially when it comes to expressing his opinions and defending his beliefs. Despite his rough exterior, he also has a caring and protective side, especially toward those he loves.

What is Souichi Tatsumi’s role in “Koisuru Boukun”?
Souichi Tatsumi is one of the main characters in Koisuru Boukun. He is a university student who initially despises his classmate Morinaga Tetsuhiro, but eventually develops complicated feelings for him. Throughout the series, Souichi’s relationships and personal growth are major storylines explored in the manga.

Does Souichi Tatsumi have a romantic interest?
Yes, Souichi Tatsumi develops romantic feelings for his classmate Morinaga Tetsuhiro. However, their relationship is complicated as Souichi initially struggles to come to terms with his own sexuality and resists Morinaga’s advances. Their journey of love and acceptance is an important part of the story.

What are some notable traits or characteristics of Souichi Tatsumi?
Some notable traits of Souichi Tatsumi include his strong sense of justice, his unwavering determination, and his tendency to overthink and analyze situations. He is also known for his sharp tongue and sarcastic remarks, which often mask his true feelings.

Does Souichi Tatsumi undergo character development in the series?
Yes, Souichi Tatsumi undergoes significant character development throughout the series. Initially resistant to his own feelings and struggling with internal conflicts, he gradually learns to accept himself and embrace his love for Morinaga. This growth allows him to develop a deeper understanding of his own emotions and form stronger connections with those around him.